Cambridge Inset: Interurban Train (Location Key)


In The Sound and the Fury Quentin Compson takes "interurban" trains to get to the site of the bridge where he plans to commit suicide and later to get back to Harvard from place where he and Bland fight. The 'streetcars' in the novel run in Boston and Cambridge. The 'interurban' runs between the city and the suburban towns around it. Though both interurbans on which Quentin rides travel close to the river, they don't seem to follow the same route - at the end of his ride back to Cambridge he must take a trolley that crosses the river and takes him almost back to the post office where his travels had begun that morning. When he leaves his dorm room at the end of his section, he is planning to travel one last time on one of these trains. There is no evidence that Faulkner had specific routes in mind for any of Quentin's travels, but we have created two separate Locations to indicate the difference between the city streetcars and the interurban trains.

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Cambridge Inset: Interurban Train
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Cambridge Inset: Interurban Train