Cambridge Inset: City Trolley (Location Key)


During the last day of his life Quentin Compson rides on a number of "cars" (The Sound and the Fury, 85, 86, 105, etc.), by which he refers to the trolleys that run on various streets around Cambridge and Boston. During the early 20th century these urban areas were served by a number of streetcar lines, but it is doubtful that Faulkner had specific routes in mind. It seems more important thematically to suggest both the restlessness of Quentin's movements and the way in which he seems to keep trying to find an escape from time - clocks chiming, shadows, factory whistles, etc. In any case, this one Location represents all the streetcars he takes throughout the day. (There is another Location for his trips on an "interurban" train that he uses to reach the bridge where he will kill himself, 104.)

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Cambridge Inset: City Trolley
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Cambridge Inset: City Trolley