Brick Kiln (Location Key)


Brick kilns appear in two fictions, in two very different ways. In "Dry September" it is at an "abandoned brick kiln" that Will Mayes is lynched, and his body presumably disposed of in one of the ruined "weed- and vine-choked vats without bottom" at the site (179). In The Town, which was published a quarter century later but set at about the same chronological moment as the story, the brick kiln is where Grover Cleveland Winbush is the night watchman, which implies it is operational. According to Requiem for a Nun, the first bricks in Jefferson were made in the "molds and kilns" created by the French architect who designed and built Sutpen's mansion; these "molds and kilns" also produced the bricks that were used to build the courthouse, two churches and the Female Academy, but that novel does not locate them in a particular Location (177).

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Brick Kiln
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Brick Kiln