Bookwright's Farm (Location Key)


Bookwright's farm appears in two of the texts set in Frenchman's Bend - The Hamlet and "Tomorrow." The first mentions that it is half a mile from Varner's store; in the second it is the scene of a crime. It also is mentioned a long way from Frenchman's Bend in The Mansion: while buying drinks legally in New York City, Ratliff mentions "Uncle Cal Bookwright's springhouse back home" in Yoknapatawpha (190). A "springhouse" is a small building constructed over a spring; since spring water can be cool even in summer, spring houses were typically where milk or other dairy products could be kept. Uncle Cal's spring house is presumably where he makes his moonshine whisky - what Stevens calls Bookwright's "stuff" (190) - or at least where he keeps in cool.

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Bookwright's Farm
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Bookwright's Farm