Beauchamp Plantation (Location Key)


Hubert Beauchamp's plantation is situated along a ridge in the next county, twenty-two miles away from the McCaslin-Edmonds' plantation. Miss Sophonsiba, Hubert's sister, tries to make people call the place "Warwick" after the castle in England (11). Most of "Was," the first story or chapter in Go Down, Moses, takes place on this plantation, inside the big house but also around its grounds, including the slave quarters, the spring house, and a cotton house. At the end of section 4 of "The Bear," the novel re-visits the plantation after the Civil War. The grounds are "shabby and overgrown," the house is "paintless," and the "fine furnishings" are being sold off (287).

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Beauchamp Plantation
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Beauchamp Plantation

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