Beasley Kemp's Farm (Location Key)


Beasley Kemp is a farmer who lives somewhere in the neighborhood of Anse Holland's property. That location changes between "Fool about a Horse," where the man who swaps with Kemp is named "Pap" and the story is narrated by his son, and The Hamlet, where it's Ab Snopes who makes the trade and V.K. Ratliff who tells the story. This is one of the many pieces of un-real estate that Faulkner moves around Yoknapatawpha to suit the needs of different stories. In the first text Kemp lives in Frenchman's Bend; we have to speculate about what part of the county he lives in in The Hamlet, but it cannot be Frenchman's Bend. As an example of what is changed besides a place on the map, here's how Pap's son describes his exasperated mother's reaction to the trade her husband makes: at least it's a good sign that the horse "could git up and walk from Beasley Kemp's lot to ourn by itself" (119). Here's how Ratliff describes the same moment: even Ab's wife had to admit it was a good sign that the horse "could get up and walk from Beasley Kemp's lot to theirn by itself" (34).

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Beasley Kemp's Farm
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Beasley Kemp's Farm