Back-country Cabins (Location Key)


This represents the the various country homes, including the "remotest back-country dog-trot cabins," that Ratliff visits as a door-to-door salesman of sewing machines and other appliances in "By the People" (86). Of course, in this case the doors are typically a long way apart, and Ratliff drives a truck on "the remotest back country roads" to reach and move between them (86). They are presumably scattered on small farms around the county, but all we know about their location is that they are "remote" from Jefferson. Ratliff holds his sales presentations in the "shady yard" outside the cabin (86). A "dog-trot" cabin consists of two separated rooms, with a covered passage way between them (which a dog could trot through).

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Back-country Cabins
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Back-Country Cabins

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