Anse MacCallum II

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Anse MacCallum II
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MacCallum, Anse II
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Anse McCallum is one of Buddy McCallum's twin sons in "The Tall Men": "two absolutely identical blue-eyed youths" (49) who are mentioned together as "the twin McCallum nephews" of Rafe in "Knight's Gambit" (210). He also appears, but without any mention of his twin brother, The Town. In the first story he and his brother Lucius have identical histories. They are "wild as spikehorn bucks" as children (55). Later, they go to the agricultural college to learn how to raise whiteface cattle. And when their father tells them on the eve of World War II that it's their time to enlist, they obey without hesitation, becoming the third generation of soldiers in the family. When he appears without Lucius in the second volume of the Snopes trilogy, he fights with the man, Matt Levitt, who is courting Linda Snopes. (Anse is named after his grandfather, called "Old Anse" in "The Tall Men.")