"All the Dead Pilots", 528 (Event)

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When July came, I was still in the Wing office, still trying to get used to
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World War I(1914-1919)
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Friday, July 5, 1918 to Wednesday, July 31, 1918

TMT: I changed the beginning date because Johnny is killed on 4 July, and Major Kaye writes his letter on 5 July. SR: We haven't had to figure out what to do with letters, whether they constitute "events." I'm deciding No for now (3-24-2016), but we can revisit this when we have a chance to meet. I'm treating pages 528-531 (through the end of Jenny's letters) as one event, located at Wing headquarters, in July 1918, where the narrator reads the letters, opens the parcel, etc. In other words, the "Event" is what the narrator is doing, not what is described in the letters.


In his job as censor, the narrator encounters two letters and a parcel addressed to Mrs. Virginia Sartoris. From one of the letters he learns about Sartoris' death "in pursuit of duty over enemy lines" (530); the Major who writes this assumes Sartoris is Jenny's son. The narrator also reads a sampling of what Sartoris and Aunt Jenny wrote each other during the War. The package contains the few personal effects that are being sent back to the aviator's family.

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Letters, Death, War, Home, Family, Personal_Effects, Allusion:Malbroucks, Mistaken_Identity