Admiral Dewey Snopes

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Admiral Dewey Snopes
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Snopes, Admiral Dewey
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Ad - Admiral Dewey Snopes - is one of Eck Snopes' children. He was named after a hero of the Spanish-American War. In the Snopes trilogy his character is largely absorbed in the story of his older brother, Wallstreet Panic Snopes, though like Eck and Wallstreet, his decent, hard-working nature belies the stereotype implied in the term 'Snopesism.' His most memorable appearance is his first, in the short story "Spotted Horses"; there he is named, simply, Ad, a young boy "a yard tall maybe, in overhalls," who bravely tries to help his father catch the pony they bought at the auction (175). He is almost run down by the horse, but at the last minute, to quote the vernacular storyteller, "that horse swoared over his head without touching a hair" (175). (When Faulkner revised this episode for inclusion in The Hamlet, the role of Ad is played instead by Wallstreet.)