Addie's Place in Frenchman's Bend (Location Key)


In As I Lay Dying Addie lives somewhere near the schoolhouse while working as a teacher. We speculate that both the school and the place she lived were in Frenchman's Bend, but all the novel makes explicit about the place where she "lies in bed at night" listening to the honking of the wild geese coming "out of the wild darkness" (170) is that it is located on the top of a hill near a spring. Under the circumstances - including the way one of the first things she says to Anse when he comes courting is "They tell me you've got a house" (171) - it seems likely that she lives in a rented room in someone else's house or boarding house, but we can't say that for sure.

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Addie's Place in Frenchman's Bend
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Addie's Place in Frenchman's Bend