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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort descending
Shreve MacKenzie|McCannon The Sound and the Fury MacKenzie, Shreve Secondary view
Mothershed "Beyond" Mothershed Secondary view
Mrs. Hines Light in August Hines, Mrs. Secondary view
Unnamed Confederate Lieutenant Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Confederate Lieutenant Armed Forces Secondary view
Unnamed Grandmother of Popeye Sanctuary Unnamed Grandmother of Popeye Sales and Service Secondary view
Versh Gibson The Sound and the Fury Gibson, Versh Domestic Service Secondary view
Bayard Sartoris I Flags in the Dust Sartoris, (Carolina) Bayard Armed Forces Secondary view
Eula Varner Snopes The Mansion Snopes, Eula Varner Secondary view
Dr. Schofield "The Tall Men" Schofield, Dr. Professional Secondary view
Brother Fortinbride "The Unvanquished" Fortinbride, Brother Farming Secondary view
Louisa Hawk "Raid" Hawk, Louise Secondary view
Calvin Burden I Light in August Burden, Calvin I Secondary view
I.O. Snopes The Town Snopes, I.O. Transportation Secondary view


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