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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort descending
Joby 1 "Retreat" Joby Secondary view
Unnamed Friend of Elly "Elly" Unnamed Friend of Elly Secondary view
Zachary Edmonds Go Down, Moses Edmonds, Zack Management Secondary view
I.O. Snopes The Hamlet Snopes, I.O. Transportation Secondary view
Unnamed Sheriff 4 "The Hound" Unnamed County Sheriff Administrative Secondary view
Manfred de Spain "A Bear Hunt" De Spain, Major Secondary view
Stuart MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Stuart Farming Secondary view
Flem Snopes "Barn Burning" Snopes, Older Brother of Sarty Secondary view
Unnamed Enslaved Husband of Sam's Mother "A Justice" Unnamed Enslaved Husband of Sam's Mother Secondary view
Doctor Lucius Peabody As I Lay Dying Peabody, Doctor Professional Secondary view
Myrtle 3 Sanctuary Miss Myrtle Secondary view
Uncle Parsham Hood The Reivers Hood, Uncle Parsham Farming Secondary view
Major de Spain Go Down, Moses De Spain, Major Professional Secondary view


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