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CharKey Text Name Occupationsort ascending Rank
Unnamed Old Gentleman "Beyond" Unnamed Old Gentleman Minor view
Unnamed Narrator 7 "Smoke" Unnamed Narrator Major view
Frank Sanctuary Frank Minor view
Halliday Light in August Halliday Minor view
Monaghan, Grandfather of Buck "Ad Astra" Monaghan, Grandfather of Buck Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Mourners Go Down, Moses Unnamed Negro Mourners Minor view
Joby 1 "Ambuscade" Joby Minor view
V.K. Ratcliffe III The Mansion Ratliff III, V.K. Peripheral view
Unnamed Enslaved Grandmother|Mother of Sam Fathers "The Old People" Unnamed Enslaved Grandmother of Sam Fathers Minor view
Louis Grenier The Town Grenier, Louis Minor view
Mrs. Jason Compson II The Unvanquished Compson, Mrs. Secondary view
Unnamed Jurors 3 Light in August Unnamed Jurors Minor view
Unnamed Negro Old Woman 3 "Raid" Unnamed Old Negro Woman Minor view


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