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CharKey Text Name Occupationsort ascending Rank
Nub Gowrie Intruder in the Dust Gowrie, Nub Secondary view
Unnamed Moonshine Buyers 1 Light in August Unnamed Moonshine Buyers Minor view
Herman Short The Hamlet Short, Herman Minor view
Unnamed Customers at the Atelier Monty The Mansion Unnamed Customers at the Atelier Monty Minor view
Boy Grier "Two Soldiers" Grier, Boy Major view
Old Bayard's Aunt Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Aunt of Old Bayard Peripheral view
Rideout, Brother of Aaron The Hamlet Rideout, Brother of Aaron Minor view
Unnamed Residents of the Poorhouse 1 Flags in the Dust Unnamed Residents of Poorhouse Minor view
Unnamed Negro Infants "Red Leaves" Unnamed Negro Infants Minor view
Unnamed White Man 2 "Red Leaves" Unnamed White Man Minor view
Unnamed Wife of Doctor "Lion" Unnamed Wife of the Doctor Minor view
Walter Ewell "The Old People" Ewell, Walter Secondary view
Unnamed Men in Search Party Go Down, Moses Unnamed Men in Search Party Minor view


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