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CharKey Text Name Occupation Ranksort descending
Melisandre Backus Stevens "Knight's Gambit" Harriss, Mrs. Secondary view
Unnamed Union Orderly The Unvanquished Unnamed Union Orderly Armed Forces Secondary view
Rafe MacCallum Flags in the Dust MacCallum, Raphael Semmes Farming Secondary view
Goodhue Coldfield Absalom, Absalom! Coldfield, Goodhue Sales and Service Secondary view
Gerald Bland The Sound and the Fury Bland, Gerald Secondary view
V.K. Ratcliffe III Requiem for a Nun Ratcliffe Sales and Service Secondary view
Ellie Flint "An Error in Chemistry" Flint, Ellie Farming Secondary view
Miss Lorraine Sanctuary Miss Lorraine Secondary view
Will Varner "Spotted Horses" Varner, Uncle Billy Professional Secondary view
Lizzie "Barn Burning" Lizzie Secondary view
Lucy Pate Houston|Letty Bookright Houston The Hamlet Houston, Lucy Pate Secondary view
Jesus 2 "That Evening Sun" Jesus Secondary view
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre Sanctuary Du Pre, Jenny Sartoris Secondary view


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