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CharKey Text Name Occupationsort ascending Rank
Unnamed Negroes 6 "A Bear Hunt" Unnamed Negroes Minor view
Unnamed Jefferson Townsmen 2 Light in August Unnamed Jefferson Townsmen Secondary view
Unnamed Movie-Goers 1 "Dry September" Unnamed Movie-Goers Minor view
Unnamed Negro Husband 2 Light in August Unnamed Negro Husband(2) Peripheral view
Ikkemotubbe "Red Leaves" Doom Secondary view
Vernon Tull's Mother As I Lay Dying Tull, Vernon’s Mother Minor view
Unnamed Spaniards Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Spaniards Minor view
Mrs. John Sartoris Flags in the Dust Sartoris, Wife of John Minor view
Unnamed Carolina Indians Flags in the Dust Unnamed Carolina Indians Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Wife of Cotton Farmer The Mansion Unnamed Negro Wife of Cotton Farmer Minor view
Unnamed Hunters 8 "Race at Morning" Unnamed Other Hunters Minor view
Frankie Flags in the Dust Frankie Secondary view
Unnamed Town Boy 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Town Boy(1) Secondary view


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