Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2550 Actions Movement Surrey
2554 Actions Economic Scamming
2557 Actions Movement Streetcar
2562 Actions Work Accident
2563 Actions Work Losing job
2564 Actions Work Night watchman
2574 Actions Moral Secret

This is the action of keeping a secret or deciding whether or not to keep a secret. It is not necessarily good or bad, rather keeping a secret is a type of moral choice. Since, this is a singular secret and not a protracted secret, as for example Linda Snopes's parentage, this is placed under moral actions and not themes. JB

2589 Actions Military Marching
2591 Actions Military Promotion
2605 Actions Verbal Ultimatum
2606 Actions Emotional Contempt
2627 Actions Emotional Calm
2628 Actions Verbal Rebel yell
2641 Actions Verbal Marriage proposal
2642 Actions Work Sharpening
2646 Actions Mental Submission / Acquiescence
2650 Actions Moral Forgiveness
2672 Actions Verbal Haggling
2687 Actions Physical Mimicking
2688 Actions Interaction, Social Hosting
2691 Actions Economic Investing
2701 Actions Movement Migration
2706 Actions Moral Praying
2708 Actions Bodily Laughing
2711 Actions Interaction, Social Mixed-race gathering
2713 Actions Interaction, Social Church
2715 Actions Violent Killing in war
2720 Actions Verbal Tirade
2723 Actions Movement Hot-air balloon
2726 Actions Physical new item
2727 Actions Physical Drawing
2729 Actions Play Checkers
2730 Actions Play Chess
2733 Actions Physical Praying
2734 Actions Verbal Swearing
2735 Actions Physical Walking
2736 Actions Emotional Betrayal
2738 Actions Military Riding
2740 Actions Violent Raiding
2742 Actions Verbal Lying
2745 Actions Emotional Curious
2748 Actions Verbal Self-justifying
2750 Actions Violent Stabbing
2752 Actions Verbal Yelling
2753 Actions Physical Holding
2755 Actions Physical Clearing land
2757 Actions Physical Sleeping
2759 Actions Physical Getting water
2761 Actions Physical Sawing
2763 Actions Emotional Comforting
2764 Actions Violent Intimidation
2776 Actions Emotional Homesickness|Longing for home
2778 Actions Moral Blackmail
2779 Actions Emotional Indignation
2783 Actions Physical Sitting
2785 Actions Interaction, Social Shaking hands
2788 Actions Emotional Repentance
2789 Actions Physical Gardening
2793 Actions Hunting Panther hunting
2794 Actions Hunting Lion hunting
2800 Actions Bodily Smelling
2813 Actions Physical Bathing
2823 Actions Communication Gossip

The original definition here was "informal oral networks", which was too technical, but perhaps more accurate. In essence, gossip here is a means for the whole community to become aware of news. JB

2847 Actions Mental Predicting
2854 Actions Emotional Waiting
2867 Actions Emotional Coldness
2870 Actions Physical Burning
2888 Actions Verbal Revealing

Whenever a character accidentally or intentionally reveals an important piece of information. For example, Lucius revealing that Miss Corrie's real name is Everbe to Boon in The Reivers (212).

2891 Actions Communication Post card
2893 Actions Moral Reform
2902 Actions Violent Animal attack on human
2903 Actions Emotional Cruelty
2912 Actions Mental Disbelief
2913 Actions Hunting Fishing
2914 Actions Legal Charge/accuse
2917 Actions Mental Repression
2918 Actions Physical Obeying / obedience
2921 Actions Perceptual Tasting
2922 Actions Perceptual Tickling
2923 Actions Interaction, Social Celebration
2937 Actions Emotional Intuition
2942 Actions Communication Car horn
2945 Actions Violent Interracial
2973 Actions Mental Thinking
2976 Actions Physical Touching
2977 Actions Physical Embrace / hugging
2979 Actions Legal Pronouncing sentence
2990 Actions Emotional Guilt
2991 Actions Verbal Accusatory
3002 Actions Mental Changing one's mind
3022 Actions Military Destruction of enemy property
3041 Actions Physical Escape from confinement
3047 Actions Mental Hallucinating
3048 Actions Economic Offering to sell
3049 Actions Economic Taking without paying

Somewhat distinct from stealing; this is for when someone confiscates, keeps, or otherwise takes something for which payment might ordinarily be expected. (The incident of the golfer keeping the golf ball that Luster tries to sell to him, for example.) -JBP

3054 Actions Emotional Mourning
3072 Actions Physical Nonverbal taunting or teasing
3073 Actions Moral Punishment
3078 Actions Bodily Feeling pain
3090 Actions Emotional Apathy