Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
975 Actions Emotional Jealousy
3501 Actions Work Jeweler
1396 Actions Verbal Joking
4631 Actions Communication Joking
4175 Actions Play Joking around
3729 Actions Emotional Joy
3938 Actions Moral Judgmental
1439 Actions Physical Jumping
4416 Actions Bodily Jumping
1980 Actions Physical Kicking
2483 Actions Violent Kicking
1429 Actions Violent Kidnapping
4844 Actions Violent Killing
2715 Actions Violent Killing in war
2072 Actions Violent Killing of animals

This was added to refer to violence related to the killing of animals, either by humans or by other animals. (Some overlap, perhaps, with Animal predatory behavior.) -JBP

1389 Actions Physical Kissing
3111 Actions Bodily Kissing
3114 Actions Bodily Kneeling
1770 Actions Domestic Knitting
5121 Actions Mental Knowing
4375 Actions Communication Lack of communication

To be used generally for any instance in which information is suppressed or not passed between individuals. This can apply to individuals sharing the same space or to communication across longer distances. JC

3440 Actions Work Landscaping
5455 Actions Communication Language barriers
1432 Actions Emotional Laughing
2708 Actions Bodily Laughing
986 Actions Work Law enforcement
1134 Actions Work Lawyering

Performing any sort of work as an attorney at law. JW

976 Actions Interaction, Social Leadership
3517 Actions Mental Learning
4052 Actions Work Leaving work
1086 Actions (First level term) Legal
648 Actions Moral Legal surrender
3316 Actions Economic Lending Money
1494 Actions Communication Letter
3147 Actions Physical Lifting
3652 Actions Movement Limousine
1441 Actions Movement Limping
4411 Actions Bodily Limping
2794 Actions Hunting Lion hunting
944 Actions Verbal Listen
697 Actions Perceptual Listening
4315 Actions Communication Listening
2055 Actions Work Livery stable
1868 Actions Agricultural Livestock care
3363 Actions Physical Loading
3155 Actions Physical Locking a door
1717 Actions Legal Locking up
4360 Actions Mental Logically reasoning
3447 Actions Emotional Longing
689 Actions Perceptual Looking
5146 Actions Bodily Looking
3497 Actions Perceptual Looking away
3955 Actions Perceptual Looking back
4680 Actions Bodily Losing consciousness
2563 Actions Work Losing job
2299 Actions Bodily Losing weight
1225 Actions Emotional Love
1882 Actions Emotional Lust
1208 Actions Moral Lying
2742 Actions Verbal Lying
1436 Actions Violent Lynch mob
2496 Actions Domestic Making a bed
5649 Actions Domestic Making coffee
1701 Actions Interaction, Social Making progress
2259 Actions Interaction, Social Male gathering

Added "Male gathering" to capture those moments where men gather in public spaces, like porches, stores, and on the street.--LW

2589 Actions Military Marching
3489 Actions Movement Marching
3581 Actions Work Maritime / Marine
1683 Actions Interaction, Social Marketing
949 Actions Interaction, Social Marriage
1238 Actions Legal Marriage
3288 Actions Communication Marriage announcement
2641 Actions Verbal Marriage proposal
3607 Actions Movement Matching / Paralleling
2061 Actions Work Mechanic
3751 Actions Physical Meddling
5134 Actions Domestic Mending
5174 Actions Bodily Menstruation
348 Actions (First level term) Mental
4305 Actions Verbal Message
1502 Actions Communication Messenger

Whenever someone comes to deliver a message verbally in person.

2701 Actions Movement Migration
349 Actions (First level term) Military
1207 Actions Domestic Milking
5267 Actions Agricultural Milking a cow
3797 Actions Work Milling
2687 Actions Physical Mimicking
3731 Actions Work Miners / mining
3223 Actions Bodily Miscarriage
4663 Actions Communication Miscommunication
1563 Actions Perceptual Misreading
4586 Actions Work Missing work
3982 Actions Verbal Misspeaking
2219 Actions Mental Misunderstanding
2711 Actions Interaction, Social Mixed-race gathering
2218 Actions Emotional Moaning
4160 Actions Perceptual Moment of vision

For moments when a character sees something charged with a sense of wonder or awe - created for the boy seeing the buck in "Race at Morning," but also appropriate for Sarty seeing De Spain's mansion or Ike seeing the bear. SR

3424 Actions Verbal Monologue
350 Actions (First level term) Moral
4405 Actions Verbal Moralizing