Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort ascending Description
4781 Cultural Issues Food Soda
2885 Cultural Issues Clothes Socks
1358 Cultural Issues Prejudice Socio-economic
2456 Cultural Issues Religion Social welfare as substitute
275 Cultural Issues Slavery Social value
2107 Cultural Issues Group Mentality Social Shaming
3089 Relationships Marital Social respectability
2422 Actions Interaction, Social Social protest
4969 Relationships Social Social organizations
4646 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Social order|disorder
3452 Cultural Issues Class Social mobility
676 Themes and Motifs Community Social life
3020 Themes and Motifs Money Social force
5600 Cultural Issues Class Social decline
4603 Actions Verbal Social criticism
4978 Cultural Issues Progress Social
405 Relationships (First level term) Social
2988 Cultural Issues Alcohol Sobriety
4567 Themes and Motifs Objects Soap
2747 Environment Weather Snow
3468 Actions Bodily Snoring
1357 Cultural Issues Class Snopesism
664 Relationships Social Snobbery
4922 Aesthetics Language snicksnicksnick...
2098 Actions Movement Sneaking
1590 Themes and Motifs Animals Snake
2618 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Snake
5468 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Smollett, Tobias
4743 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Smoking habit
802 Actions Bodily Smoking
2027 Environment Place Smokehouse
3780 Cultural Issues Progress Smoke stack
4540 Environment Olfactory Smoke
5111 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Smith, Thorne
4569 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Smith, Al
3575 Environment Olfactory Smelling water
2930 Environment Olfactory Smelling trees
2240 Environment Olfactory Smelling death
4450 Environment Olfactory Smelling black
2800 Actions Bodily Smelling
498 Actions Perceptual Smelling
2978 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Smelled like trees
4505 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Smallpox
4027 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Slot machine
2998 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Slipping out at night

I needed a way to convey characters who secretly leave at night for some reason - Miss Quentin in S&F, but there is also Lena Grove and Joe Christmas in Light in August and probably others. Perhaps this could/should be a recurring trope? -JBP

1455 Themes and Motifs Objects Slipper
4600 Actions Bodily Sleepy
5336 Actions Bodily Sleeplessness
2999 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Sleeping pill
2876 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Sleeping in same bed

For when two characters (usually black and white) sleep in the same bed; Benjy with Luster in S&F, Lucas and Henry in GDM, etc. -JBP

663 Actions Bodily Sleeping
2757 Actions Physical Sleeping
297 Cultural Issues Slavery Slaves vs poor whites
289 Cultural Issues Slavery Slaves vs masters
248 Cultural Issues (First level term) Slavery
306 Cultural Issues Slavery Slave trading
2026 Environment Place Slave Quarters
5608 Environment Place Slave market
1466 Actions Hunting Slave hunting
3378 Actions Violent Slapping
4221 Aesthetics Language Slang, military
3356 Cultural Issues Progress Skyscraper
3544 Environment Natural Sky
2595 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Skull
2863 Themes and Motifs Objects Skull
4145 Cultural Issues Clothes Skirt
3582 Themes and Motifs Body Skin
2146 Actions Mental Skepticism
1903 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Skeleton
1987 Environment Domestic Space Sitting room
1408 Actions Bodily Sitting
2783 Actions Physical Sitting
922 Relationships Familial Sister-sister
5201 Environment Auditory Siren
2087 Actions Verbal Singing
1402 Actions Bodily Singing
1780 Cultural Issues Religion Sin
4366 Themes and Motifs Time Simultaneity of time
682 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Simile-mask
608 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Simile
1938 Themes and Motifs Appearance Similarity
4559 Themes and Motifs Objects Silverware
4968 Cultural Issues History Silver Shirts
4120 Themes and Motifs Money Silver dollar
843 Themes and Motifs Objects Silver
2435 Cultural Issues Clothes Silk
803 Environment Auditory Silence
1854 Actions Verbal Silence
4425 Actions Communication Silence
2877 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Signs / Omen
2376 Aesthetics Metafictional Signs
2765 Environment Public Sidewalk
2613 Themes and Motifs Supernatural Sickness
3153 Environment Domestic Space Sick room

Added to denote a room being used or described as for when someone is sick. Added to refer to the "empty" room that is also where the family "has the measles" in S&F, but can be applied in other texts as well -- Addie's room in AILD, for example. -JBP

3742 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Sick as euphemism for pregnancy
4131 Relationships Interracial Siblings
620 Relationships Familial Sibling
4247 Environment Place Shrubbery
4365 Themes and Motifs Character Shrewdness
5291 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Showing up