Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort ascending Description
4589 Cultural Issues Race Subverting a stereotype
4418 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Substitute
4283 Themes and Motifs Home Substitute
3694 Cultural Issues Race Subservient / Obsequious to whites
4689 Cultural Issues Law Subpoena
2646 Actions Mental Submission / Acquiescence
2312 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Styx
414 Aesthetics (First level term) Style
4002 Actions Verbal Stuttering / stammering
4545 Themes and Motifs Character Stupid
3098 Actions Mental Studying
5124 Environment Domestic Space Study
5330 Themes and Motifs Money Stud fee
3615 Actions Emotional Stubbornness
4861 Themes and Motifs Character Stubborn
5180 Actions Physical Struggling
2934 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Stroke
1302 Actions Perceptual Strip searching
4552 Relationships Marital Strife
5141 Actions Bodily Stretching
3689 Environment Atmospheric Streetlamp
4708 Cultural Issues Technology Streetcars
3574 Environment Auditory Streetcar sound
3868 Cultural Issues Progress Streetcar line
2557 Actions Movement Streetcar
3499 Actions Interaction, Private Street vendor / service worker
2039 Environment Public Street
2212 Aesthetics Narrative Stream of consciousness narration
1460 Cultural Issues War Strategy

Although technically strategy and tactics are two different elements of war, for the time being they have been collapsed into the same keyword unless there are really nuanced discussions of either in Faulkner. JB

3578 Actions Interaction, Private Strangers in a public place

For when two people happen to interact in some way in the street or some other public place. Added for Quentin's various chance encounters with people during his long day of travel in and around Cambridge. JBP

4424 Themes and Motifs Community Stranger

I'm thinking of the times when someone enters a community who is unknown and the collective community has suspicions about this character. A clear example would be Lena Grove. (jj)

4870 Themes and Motifs Body Straightened hair
3695 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Stowe, Harriet Beecher
2603 Themes and Motifs Objects Stove polish
2150 Themes and Motifs Objects Stove
1185 Actions Verbal Storytelling
1131 Themes and Motifs Story-telling Story-telling passim
392 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Story-telling
2273 Environment Weather Storm
5334 Cultural Issues Alcohol Store-bought vs moonshine
3496 Environment Public Store window
2262 Environment Public Store porch
3504 Actions Interaction, Private Store owner-customer
4022 Cultural Issues Clothes Store clothes
1843 Actions Work Store clerk
491 Environment Public Store
4889 Actions Movement Stopping
3783 Environment Place Stone wall
2597 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Stone
1740 Themes and Motifs Body Stomach/belly
2546 Cultural Issues War Stolen valor

Whenever someone claims to have fought in a war, but it is implied that he (always he) did not do so. This comes up quite a bit in Faulkner. JB

2217 Themes and Motifs Money Stolen
4484 Themes and Motifs Character stoic
4319 Cultural Issues Clothes Stockings
2119 Actions Economic Stock trading

Term for those who buy or sell "stock" - horses, mules, etc. -JBP

3068 Themes and Motifs Money Stingy with money
581 Environment Atmospheric Stillness
3418 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Stillness
710 Themes and Motifs Objects Still
2866 Environment Atmospheric Sterile
5311 Aesthetics Diction Stereotypical Jewish accent

Whenever the text imitates a Jewish accent. JHB

1940 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype: teeth
837 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype: smell
991 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype sweat
4584 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype Superstitious
1499 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype mule
4566 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype lower intelligence
3939 Cultural Issues Gender Stereotype librarian / school teacher
872 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype eyes
1124 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype cannibalism
3647 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype black women's sexual promiscuity
3837 Relationships Familial Stepparent-child
3877 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Stencil
918 Themes and Motifs Objects Steamboat
2517 Actions Movement Steamboat
3533 Cultural Issues Technology Steam locomotive
2669 Cultural Issues History Stealing Indian land
1113 Actions Moral Stealing
1258 Cultural Issues Class Status, low
2059 Cultural Issues Materialism Status

Any material acquisition that signifies a marker of status. Lucius Priest buying an automobile because Colonel Sartoris had one. J. Burgers.

3139 Actions Verbal Stating intent to leave home / run away
3026 Cultural Issues Government State laws and regulations
3004 Cultural Issues Government State capital
1898 Actions Bodily Starvation
3908 Actions Physical Starting over
5140 Actions Physical Starting fire
2221 Environment Natural Stars
4018 Environment Atmospheric Starlight
1072 Actions Bodily Staring
3399 Environment Olfactory Starch
4588 Actions Legal Standing guard
5136 Actions Bodily Standing
1413 Actions Physical Stalking
2610 Environment Domestic Space Stairway
1527 Themes and Motifs Objects Stained glass window
2319 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Stage manager
3056 Aesthetics Description Stage direction
4838 Environment Place Stable
1020 Environment Domestic Space Stable
2750 Actions Violent Stabbing