Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
296 Cultural Issues Slavery White anxiety

For moments in the text which describe anxiety felt by white characters about the presence or possible actions of slaves, as when Loosh's sudden appearance and behavior make Bayard uncomfortable. SR

2811 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical White Citizens' Council
4962 Cultural Issues Race White fear
2401 Cultural Issues Race White race
1007 Cultural Issues Race White savior
2530 Cultural Issues Race White supremacists
572 Cultural Issues Prejudice White supremacy
2513 Cultural Issues Class White trash
946 Relationships Interracial White-black
2409 Cultural Issues Economy White-Indian commerce
5079 Actions Physical Whittling
3818 Aesthetics Language WhoOoooo
3819 Aesthetics Language WhoOooooooooooooooo
1655 Cultural Issues Gender Widow
4285 Relationships Familial Widower
4102 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Wild breath
606 Themes and Motifs Animals Wild horses
4014 Actions Hunting Wildcat hunting
1002 Themes and Motifs Animals Wildcats
3053 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Wilde, Oscar
1548 Environment Natural Wilderness

I'm wondering how this is different from "woods" and if they two terms might need to be meshed into one. Are woods more domestic or something? LW
I'm using wilderness when it is directly discussed in the text as a presence, a living thing as in GDM (i.e., "the wilderness breathed again" (174)) JJ

1728 Environment Place Wilderness-civilized boundary
594 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Wildness
4936 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Wilkinson, James
4571 Actions Legal Will
4572 Themes and Motifs Texts Will
5206 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Will Mayes lynched
1864 Themes and Motifs Psychological Will to endure
4150 Themes and Motifs Objects Willow tree
3250 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Wilson, Woodrow
883 Environment Atmospheric Wind
2021 Themes and Motifs Objects Windows
2228 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wine
4106 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wine hamper
4080 Actions Physical Winking
773 Environment Time of Year Winter
3127 Actions Verbal Wishing
1887 Themes and Motifs Objects Wisteria
5518 Actions Interaction, Social Withdrawal from public
868 Actions Verbal Withholding
1639 Aesthetics Narrative Withholding
1570 Actions Communication Without words

When someone communicates by means of something other than words (written or spoken); for example, the envelope full of money Boyd wants Ike to give his mistress, or the verbena that Drusilla leaves on Bayard's pillow.

1009 Cultural Issues Law Witness
2043 Themes and Motifs Animals Wolf
5324 Cultural Issues Gender Woman smoking
2704 Relationships Interspecies Woman-horse
2620 Themes and Motifs Body Womb
800 Cultural Issues War Women
561 Cultural Issues Gender Women
621 Cultural Issues Clothes Women
3950 Cultural Issues Gender Women as gentler sex / delicate
3953 Cultural Issues Gender Women as mysterious / secretive
4701 Cultural Issues Gender Women as sacred
3704 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Women's Christian Temperance Union / W.C.T.U.
2943 Themes and Motifs Money Won
5354 Cultural Issues Sexuality Wonderful
818 Cultural Issues Hunting and Fishing Woodcraft
4357 Themes and Motifs Animals Woodpecker|Lord-to-God
2318 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Woodpile
1103 Environment Natural Woods
2873 Cultural Issues Gender Work
357 Actions (First level term) Work
1419 Cultural Issues Migration Work

This is used for instances of characters relocating to a different state or country for reasons related to work and employment (i.e., economic migration). BR

3572 Cultural Issues Clothes Work clothes
1196 Themes and Motifs Character Work ethic
4431 Actions Bodily Work song
1174 Cultural Issues Class Working
2874 Themes and Motifs Time Working day
978 Cultural Issues War World War I
735 Cultural Issues War World War II
3358 Cultural Issues Entertainment World's Fair
825 Actions Emotional Worry
616 Cultural Issues War Wound
1824 Themes and Motifs Objects Wreath
5628 Actions Physical Wrestling
5224 Actions Verbal Writing
1900 Actions Communication Writing
4832 Actions Movement Wrong direction
4123 Themes and Motifs Naming Wrong name
5479 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Wzlewski
2962 Aesthetics Language Yah-yah-yah
1846 Cultural Issues Education Yale
1530 Cultural Issues Identity, Cultural Yankee
4845 Cultural Issues Clothes Yankee uniform
1025 Environment Domestic Space Yard
5497 Actions Work Yard work
4945 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Year 1860
5081 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Year 1861
4910 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Year the stars fell

Added to refer to Faulkner's reference in at least two texts to 1833, "the year the stars fell" (in Appendix and in Go Down, Moses). Seems to refer to an actual historical event of a massive meteor shower that year which many interpreted as an omen, possibly even of end of times. Here is one article referencing the event: JBP

2752 Actions Verbal Yelling
4333 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Yellow fever
4103 Aesthetics Language yes Yes Yes yes
5325 Aesthetics Language YIPPPEEE
5370 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Yoknapatawpha as mythic Greece
4983 Environment Place Yoknapatawpha Beat
2418 Themes and Motifs Past Yoknapatawpha founders
5032 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Young Bayard's death
650 Cultural Issues Age Youth
4651 Cultural Issues Age Youth vs age
5579 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Zodiac