Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
2129 Environment Auditory Bugle
2130 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Metonym
2131 Actions Physical Dancing
2132 Actions Domestic Food preparation
2133 Cultural Issues War Displacement
2134 Cultural Issues War Demotion
2135 Environment Olfactory Bad smell
2136 Actions Interaction, Private Seeking approval
2137 Cultural Issues Religion Challenge

When characters actively set themselves at odds with a religious deity or institution, such as when Jewel in AILD gripes, "if there is a God what the hell is He for." EP

2138 Cultural Issues Violence Imagined
2139 Environment Place Power Plant
2140 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Scientific

To be used for figures of speech drawn from science (for example, references to osmosis, astronomy, or Darwinian evolution) - CR

2141 Cultural Issues Clothes Bathing suit
2142 Cultural Issues War Spanish American War
2143 Cultural Issues Education West Point
2144 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Cuba
2145 Themes and Motifs Body Scar
2146 Actions Mental Skepticism
2147 Actions Interaction, Private Parenting
2148 Actions Interaction, Private Domineering
2149 Actions Bodily Healing
2150 Themes and Motifs Objects Stove
2151 Themes and Motifs Objects Dolls
2152 Themes and Motifs Money Refund
2153 Environment Weather Mild
2154 Cultural Issues Sexuality Puberty

For when a text makes reference (perhaps implicitly) to puberty and/or sexual maturing. It was added for the moment in "Miss Zilphia Gant" when her mother makes her get naked and examines her body each month when she turns 13.

2155 Cultural Issues Sexuality Learning about

This admittedly clumsy term is for when a narrative deals with a character being told or otherwise learning about sexual matters. (The specific impetus for its creation is in "Miss Zilphia Gant" when her mother starts strip searching her at age 13 and begins telling her "what her father had done and what she had done.") JBP

2156 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Military terminology
2157 Environment Place Lonelier parts of town

Term for when a text makes reference to parts of town with fewer people or streets -- outskirts, edge of town, "less frequented" (as in "Miss Zilphia Gant"), and so forth. JBP

2158 Themes and Motifs Time Long passage of time

Perhaps self-evident, but for when a text makes a huge jump in time very quickly -- Zilphia Gant sitting beside the window "for twelve years," for instance. JBP

2159 Actions Physical Intrusion
2160 Actions Work Painting|Drawing
2161 Themes and Motifs Objects Eyeglasses
2162 Actions Physical Freeing
2163 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Noah/flood
2164 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Caesar, Julius
2165 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Crusades
2166 Cultural Issues Progress New replacing old
2167 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Chicago
2168 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Monroe, Marilyn
2169 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Harlow, Jean
2170 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Grable, Betty
2171 Actions Interaction, Social Ball/dance
2172 Themes and Motifs Values Faithfulness

Faithfulness as a general virtue, synonymous with fidelity and/or loyalty (unless others think those merit a separate keyword entry). Wasn't sure if this should go here or go also or instead under Actions > Emotions. JBP

2173 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Mary
2174 Cultural Issues Sexuality Conception/Conceiving a child
2175 Actions Communication Newspaper columns and notices

For references to items in newspapers that aren't exactly news articles - "agony advice columns," for instance (in "Miss Zilpha Gant"), or obituaries, or similar items. JBP

2176 Actions Perceptual Reading / Researching
2177 Actions Mental Imagining
2178 Actions Bodily Bathing and/or personal hygiene
2179 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Poisoning
2180 Actions Bodily Waking
2181 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Precognition / Something to happen

For when a character precognitively senses or says that "something" is going to happen to him/her - e.g., Joe Christmas, Miss Zilphia Gant. JBP

2182 Aesthetics Narrative Quotation as thought

For when a text says a character "thinks" or "thought" something - often as a passage in quotation marks but also sometimes in italics. In those cases, perhaps the "Italics" keyword should also be applied. JBP

2183 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Destiny
2184 Actions Emotional Hate
2185 Environment Atmospheric Claustrophobic
2186 Themes and Motifs Morals Protest
2187 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Bluebeard
2188 Actions Emotional Vindictive
2189 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Dragon's teeth
2190 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Clytemnestra
2191 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Greek tragedy
2192 Actions Play Children playing
2193 Themes and Motifs Objects Piano
2194 Actions Bodily Playing music
2195 Themes and Motifs Values Propriety
2196 Themes and Motifs Objects Damask
2197 Themes and Motifs Objects Porcelain
2198 Themes and Motifs Objects Candelabra
2199 Cultural Issues Ritual Funeral arrangements
2200 Themes and Motifs Money Collecting money

Added for when Gavin Stevens raises money to pay for the funeral in "Go Down, Moses"; can be used for anytime characters take a collection or otherwise raise money for some cause. JBP

2201 Environment Olfactory Old woman smell

For when Faulkner texts make explicit reference to the smell of elderly (old) women - "faint odor of old maidens" in "Go Down, Moses," the "rank smell of female old flesh" in "Absalom," etc. (Question: Does Faulkner ever reference the smell of old MEN?) JBP

2202 Cultural Issues Slavery Legacy after emancipation

Refers to when a text alludes to the legacy of slavery years (or decades) after the end of slavery. It was created to tag the references to "sold my Benjamin" in "Go Down, Moses" - a story whose very title alludes to slavery. JBP

2203 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Negro spirituals
2204 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Confederate monument
2205 Actions Play Sports Golf
2206 Themes and Motifs Psychological Learning disability
2207 Actions Mental Impairment
2208 Themes and Motifs Objects Flag
2209 Cultural Issues Ritual Birthday
2210 Cultural Issues Food Birthday cake
2211 Aesthetics Narrative Unreliable narrator
2212 Aesthetics Narrative Stream of consciousness narration
2213 Cultural Issues Entertainment Traveling show

Any kind of traveling show - the show in "The Sound and the Fury," for instance, or the circus in "Light in August." JBP

2214 Relationships Hierarchical Caretaker-mentally challenged person
2215 Environment Public Golf course
2216 Themes and Motifs Money Lost
2217 Themes and Motifs Money Stolen
2218 Actions Emotional Moaning
2219 Actions Mental Misunderstanding
2220 Themes and Motifs Objects Nail
2221 Environment Natural Stars
2222 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Animals compared to people
2223 Themes and Motifs Appearance Scruffiness
2224 Environment Weather Warmth
2225 Cultural Issues Clothes Boots
2226 Cultural Issues History Carpetbaggers
2227 Actions Emotional Exhaustion
2228 Cultural Issues Alcohol Wine