Term IDsort ascending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
1426 Environment Atmospheric Dust
1425 Aesthetics Language Ellipsis
1424 Cultural Issues Crime Vigilantism

This denotes moments where characters appoint themselves to punish a crime (real or imagined). BR

1423 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Pathetic fallacy
1422 Cultural Issues Sexuality Unattractiveness
1421 Cultural Issues Clothes Dress
1420 Relationships Social Isolation

This term describes moments when a character is isolated or ostracized from the wider social community. BR
Also used this term when a person intentionally isolates him/herself from the larger community. JJ

1419 Cultural Issues Migration Work

This is used for instances of characters relocating to a different state or country for reasons related to work and employment (i.e., economic migration). BR

1418 Relationships Social Homosocial
1417 Themes and Motifs Naming Renaming

When a character is given or takes a new name due to a change in their identity. BR

1416 Cultural Issues Progress Cars
1415 Actions Communication Telephone
1414 Cultural Issues Race Racist child
1413 Actions Physical Stalking
1412 Environment Auditory Haunting
1411 Actions Physical Protection
1410 Environment Place Lane
1409 Cultural Issues Race Self-abnegation
1408 Actions Bodily Sitting
1407 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Addiction
1406 Relationships Institutional Jailer-prisoner
1405 Actions Legal Arrest
1404 Themes and Motifs Psychological Terror
1403 Environment Domestic Space Cabin
1402 Actions Bodily Singing
1401 Themes and Motifs Body Pregnancy
1400 Actions Violent Suicide
1399 Environment Public Jail
1398 Themes and Motifs Morals Hypocrisy
1397 Relationships Civic child protection
1396 Actions Verbal Joking
1395 Themes and Motifs Objects knife
1394 Environment Public Bus Depot/Bus stop
1393 Themes and Motifs Animals Birds
1392 Actions Emotional Sadness
1391 Themes and Motifs Objects Suitcase
1390 Actions Movement Bus
1389 Actions Physical Kissing
1388 Themes and Motifs Objects Bible
1387 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Out of ordered place

This phrase derives from the last words of The Sound and the Fury: "each in its ordered place." It is used when the expected order is radically unsettled, such as when one of the spotted horses goes inside Mrs. Littlejohn's house or the mule gets into Mrs. Hait's yard, and so on. SR

1386 Aesthetics Tone Absurdist
1385 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Capture as loss
1384 Relationships Familial Physical resemblances
1383 Actions Perceptual Overhearing
1382 Actions Work For room and board
1381 Relationships Familial Exigent circumstances
1380 Aesthetics Language Ah-Ah-Ah
1379 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Doctoring
1378 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Nursing
1377 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Injured
1376 Actions Physical Dressing
1375 Cultural Issues Clothes Underclothes, female
1374 Cultural Issues Clothes Underclothes, male
1373 Actions Non-human Escape
1372 Cultural Issues Violence Accident
1371 Environment Domestic Space Boarding house
1370 Aesthetics Tone Farce
1369 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Chaos
1368 Cultural Issues Economy Rural sales
1367 Actions Physical Undressing
1366 Relationships Familial Physical discipline
1365 Cultural Issues Gender Maternal impulse
1364 Aesthetics Narrative Pause
1363 Actions Perceptual Nosiness
1362 Environment Place Corral
1361 Aesthetics Tone Sarcastic
1360 Cultural Issues Sexuality Female
1359 Actions Economic Scheming
1358 Cultural Issues Prejudice Socio-economic
1357 Cultural Issues Class Snopesism
1356 Environment Auditory Confused din
1355 Relationships Marital Adultery
1354 Relationships Marital Abandonment
1353 Cultural Issues Food As substitute
1352 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Life as repetition
1351 Relationships Familial Invented
1350 Themes and Motifs Death Car accident
1349 Themes and Motifs Death In childbirth
1348 Environment Place Hospital
1347 Themes and Motifs Determinism Lack of choice
1346 Cultural Issues Race Imaginary Negro men
1345 Themes and Motifs Futility When will it stop
1344 Actions Verbal Screaming
1343 Themes and Motifs Texts Letters
1342 Cultural Issues Sexuality Vicarious
1341 Actions Emotional Exultation
1340 Actions Mental Channeling

An unFaulknerian term for what Zilphia does when, in Jefferson, she lives "vicariously and transcendentally" inside the lives of her former husband and his new wife in another state, or what Darl does so often in As I Lay Dying. SR

1339 Actions Bodily Gaining weight
1338 Actions Perceptual Professional surveillance
1337 Cultural Issues Sexuality Frustration
1336 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Christ
1335 Actions Bodily Insomnia
1334 Relationships Marital Vicarious wedding
1333 Themes and Motifs Psychological Obsession
1332 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Nothingness
1331 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Absence as loss
1329 Environment Olfactory Evoking memory
1328 Relationships Marital Separated
1327 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Absence
1326 Environment Place Vacant house