Term IDsort descending Vocabulary Parent Term Description
3638 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Holly Springs, Mississippi
3639 Cultural Issues Class Etiquette
3640 Themes and Motifs Objects Train
3641 Themes and Motifs Character Precision
3642 Actions Bodily Falling
3643 Actions Verbal Preaching
3644 Cultural Issues Clothes Khaki
3645 Aesthetics Description Color bronze
3646 Aesthetics Description Color blue
3647 Cultural Issues Race Stereotype black women's sexual promiscuity
3648 Cultural Issues Sexuality Disgust with sex
3649 Environment Natural Ditches
3650 Cultural Issues Sexuality Sexual passion
3651 Actions Movement Direction east
3652 Actions Movement Limousine
3653 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical South Bend, Indiana
3654 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Puppy
3655 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Poem "Marmion"
3656 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Byron
3657 Actions Economic Selling
3658 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Poem "Don Juan"
3659 Aesthetics Genre Conventions Romance / Romanticism
3660 Actions Mental Distrust
3661 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Country vs city
3662 Cultural Issues Entertainment Circus
3663 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Southern identity
3664 Cultural Issues Class Pretension
3665 Themes and Motifs Animals Fleas
3666 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Shiloh
3667 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Battle of Atlanta
3668 Themes and Motifs Character Bravery
3669 Cultural Issues Race Disenfranchisement
3670 Aesthetics Tone Incongruous
3671 Themes and Motifs Character Courteous
3672 Actions Emotional Hero worship
3673 Actions Verbal Interruption
3674 Themes and Motifs Money Bill
3675 Environment Auditory Quietness
3676 Actions Verbal Flattery
3677 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical French Lick, Indiana
3678 Cultural Issues Agriculture Salt lick
3679 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Hunting metaphor / imagery
3680 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Medicine camphor
3681 Environment Olfactory Camphor
3682 Environment Olfactory Oversweet organic

Honeysuckle, but also the blooms from the "heaven tree" in Sanctuary, etc.

3683 Environment Natural Ivy
3684 Aesthetics Diction "Is" / "Was" to refer to present or past

This could come under Style, too -- to capture when Faulkner uses simple words like "is" or "was" as synonyms for larger concepts of past or present. Added for Quentin, but could be used in As I Lay Dying too for Darl's rumination on the same. JBP

3685 Actions Mental Disapproval
3686 Actions Physical Trampling
3687 Themes and Motifs Body Heels
3688 Cultural Issues Gender Chauvinism / Misogyny
3689 Environment Atmospheric Streetlamp
3690 Environment Time of Day Midday
3691 Environment Time of Year August
3692 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Fertilise / Fertility imagery
3693 Actions Physical Saluting
3694 Cultural Issues Race Subservient / Obsequious to whites
3695 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Stowe, Harriet Beecher
3696 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Uncle Tom's Cabin
3697 Cultural Issues Race Uncle Tom
3698 Cultural Issues Race Playing to racial expectations / stereotypes
3699 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Princeton University
3700 Themes and Motifs Objects Luggage
3701 Cultural Issues Education Divinity school
3702 Cultural Issues Ritual Holiday
3703 Themes and Motifs Community Columbus Day
3704 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Women's Christian Temperance Union / W.C.T.U.
3705 Cultural Issues Alcohol Racial|Regional stereotypes about drinking
3706 Actions Verbal Code-switching / Change in dialect
3707 Cultural Issues Race Rules / norms for addressing whites
3708 Cultural Issues War Military rank of general
3709 Actions Verbal Bidding farewell / Saying goodbye
3710 Environment Time of Year Month of brides
3711 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Bride / Bridal
3712 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Old Testament Book of Psalms
3713 Themes and Motifs Objects Crib / Cradle
3714 Cultural Issues Education Psychology class
3715 Cultural Issues Religion Hinduism
3716 Cultural Issues Ritual Sati or suttee
3717 Themes and Motifs Death Funeral pyre / cremation
3718 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Semiramis
3719 Cultural Issues Clothes Dressed up
3720 Cultural Issues Government Governor
3721 Themes and Motifs Death Compared to living
3722 Themes and Motifs Morals Morality
3723 Actions Emotional Inferiority
3724 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Poisoned
3725 Actions Emotional Reassurance
3726 Actions Economic Selling land

Added to distinguish (if we deem necessary) the selling of LAND, part of one's holdings, rather than an entire "home or place"; perhaps these should be subsumed under a single keyword, but selling a home or place is probably not quite the same thing as selling PART of one's land (as in the pasture in SF). JBP

3727 Actions Emotional Selfishness
3728 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Valley of the shadow of death
3729 Actions Emotional Joy
3730 Cultural Issues Gender Sexual double standard

For when a text makes references to the double standards between men and women; also can apply to double standard for women - Madonna/whore (or virgin/whore). Added for when Mrs Compson posits that a woman is either a lady or not (referring to Caddy and her dishonor). JBP

3731 Actions Work Miners / mining
3732 Environment Auditory Whistle
3733 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Boston, Massachusetts
3734 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Confusion
3735 Actions Movement Interurban streetcar / trolley
3736 Environment Natural Tide flat / marsh
3737 Themes and Motifs Art Photograph