Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort ascending Term Description
5079 Actions Physical Whittling
4080 Actions Physical Winking
5628 Actions Physical Wrestling
536 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Ethics
2402 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Evolution
3350 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Existentialism
1006 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Freedom
5559 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Freedom of choice
3520 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Human experience
1159 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Human nature
4258 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Individualism

Beyond self-reliance, this concept also folds in ideas of treating people as individuals and a deep skepticism about organizations, institutions, or perspectives that group people together. In its base form it is anti-government, anti-collectivist, anti-group think, but not a full-fledged political doctrine like Libertarianism. JB and EP

3878 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Infinity
533 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Justice
2272 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Luck
3509 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Metaphysics
2271 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Movement
2969 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Nihilism
712 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Power of literature
3886 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Progenitive / Self-reproductive
3125 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Redemption
3902 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Reduction / summing up
3124 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Salvation
1223 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Suffering
3905 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Tedious / tedium
3832 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Unnatural / Contrary to nature
1572 Actions Perceptual Ambiguity
4078 Actions Perceptual Blurring
5102 Actions Perceptual Dowsing
1944 Actions Perceptual Eavesdropping
3835 Actions Perceptual Experiencing second-hand / vicariously
3901 Actions Perceptual Familiarity
4200 Actions Perceptual Hearing
4827 Actions Perceptual Interpreting tracks
1299 Actions Perceptual Investigating
697 Actions Perceptual Listening
689 Actions Perceptual Looking
3497 Actions Perceptual Looking away
3955 Actions Perceptual Looking back
1563 Actions Perceptual Misreading
4160 Actions Perceptual Moment of vision

For moments when a character sees something charged with a sense of wonder or awe - created for the boy seeing the buck in "Race at Morning," but also appropriate for Sarty seeing De Spain's mansion or Ike seeing the bear. SR

1363 Actions Perceptual Nosiness
4191 Actions Perceptual Observing
1383 Actions Perceptual Overhearing
3532 Actions Perceptual Passing from sight
1338 Actions Perceptual Professional surveillance
2176 Actions Perceptual Reading / Researching
936 Actions Perceptual Seeing
3570 Actions Perceptual Sensing
3213 Actions Perceptual Sensing the past
498 Actions Perceptual Smelling
2283 Actions Perceptual Spying

Any time a character or characters looks at someone or something while attempting to remain undetected. JB

1302 Actions Perceptual Strip searching
1300 Actions Perceptual Surveillance
3993 Actions Perceptual Sweetness
2921 Actions Perceptual Tasting
2922 Actions Perceptual Tickling
2067 Actions Perceptual Unknowable

This term is intended to refer to when a character looks at but cannot fathom what a character (or animal) is thinking. (Keyed originally to refer to Lion in "Lion.") -JBP

552 Actions Perceptual Voyeurism
1726 Actions Perceptual Watching
3193 Themes and Motifs Past And monuments
3455 Themes and Motifs Past Anxiety about|Resistance to change
3059 Themes and Motifs Past As explanatory
3174 Themes and Motifs Past Discovering it
2857 Themes and Motifs Past Family history
3093 Themes and Motifs Past Freedom from it
1555 Themes and Motifs Past Grander than present
4894 Themes and Motifs Past Historical wrong
2353 Themes and Motifs Past Innocence
1627 Themes and Motifs Past Old days
1303 Themes and Motifs Past Parental
1322 Themes and Motifs Past Past in present
4206 Themes and Motifs Past Past vs present
3560 Themes and Motifs Past Personal past
3008 Themes and Motifs Past Prehistory
4671 Themes and Motifs Past Quest to recover
1814 Themes and Motifs Past Recent past

For events acknowledging recent occurrences that may or may not affect the present. (Added for end of "Lion," with Boon oblivious to events in the recent past while the narrator is thinking about them.)

2862 Themes and Motifs Past Relics
3013 Themes and Motifs Past Repetition
4284 Themes and Motifs Past Traumatic
2418 Themes and Motifs Past Yoknapatawpha founders
4726 Environment Otherworldly Beyond living world passim
3879 Environment Otherworldly Earth / the world
3849 Environment Otherworldly Hellfire
3946 Environment Otherworldly Moon / Lunar
3629 Environment Olfactory Acrid
2772 Environment Olfactory Alcohol
3958 Environment Olfactory Ammonia
3959 Environment Olfactory Animal / stable
2135 Environment Olfactory Bad smell
3921 Environment Olfactory Baking / bread
3397 Environment Olfactory Benzene
2558 Environment Olfactory Bordello
4396 Environment Olfactory Camp-fire smoke
3681 Environment Olfactory Camphor
2487 Environment Olfactory Cigar
5648 Environment Olfactory Coffee
607 Environment Olfactory Decay
5306 Environment Olfactory Decomposition
3375 Environment Olfactory Ether
1329 Environment Olfactory Evoking memory