Term ID Vocabulary Parentsort descending Term Description
4548 Actions Verbal Rhetorical question
4603 Actions Verbal Social criticism
4617 Actions Verbal Flirting
4618 Actions Verbal Praying
4647 Actions Verbal Whimper
4728 Actions Verbal Giving advice
4920 Actions Verbal Badgering
4956 Actions Verbal Renunciation
5087 Actions Verbal Debating
5164 Actions Verbal Calling by name
5197 Actions Verbal Congratulating
5224 Actions Verbal Writing
5598 Actions Verbal Provoking
5622 Actions Verbal Defining
5680 Actions Verbal Thanking
526 Cultural Issues Violence Rape
665 Cultural Issues Violence Domestic
861 Cultural Issues Violence Shooting
1275 Cultural Issues Violence Implied shooting
1291 Cultural Issues Violence Child abuse
1372 Cultural Issues Violence Accident
1518 Cultural Issues Violence Interracial
1588 Cultural Issues Violence Killing animal
1718 Cultural Issues Violence Lynching
2138 Cultural Issues Violence Imagined
2396 Cultural Issues Violence Dueling
2415 Cultural Issues Violence Drunken brawling
2571 Cultural Issues Violence Castration
2652 Cultural Issues Violence Language

To be used in the event that words, spoken or written, are imagined as violent. JC

2933 Cultural Issues Violence Gendered

A violent action in which the gender dynamic plays a salient feature. The specific example is Boon hitting Miss Corrie in The Reivers. JB

3044 Cultural Issues Violence Mistaken for sexual assault
3192 Cultural Issues Violence Ambush
4356 Cultural Issues Violence Torture
4624 Cultural Issues Violence Sexual
4648 Cultural Issues Violence Male-female
4669 Cultural Issues Violence Assault
4788 Cultural Issues Violence Cyclical
4964 Cultural Issues Violence By police
550 Actions Violent Fighting
659 Actions Violent Hitting
672 Actions Violent Entry
799 Actions Violent Animal abuse
819 Actions Violent Murder
943 Actions Violent Vengeance
1079 Actions Violent Domestic violence
1081 Actions Violent Restraining
1248 Actions Violent Assault
1253 Actions Violent Shooting
1400 Actions Violent Suicide
1429 Actions Violent Kidnapping
1430 Actions Violent Dehumanization

Treating a person through one's actions as if they are an object rather than a fellow human being. BR

1436 Actions Violent Lynch mob
1750 Actions Violent Threatening
1834 Actions Violent Animal predatory behavior
1835 Actions Violent Destructive behavior

Should "destructive" be a second-level category for "Actions"? (Violent seems wrong for things like vandalism.) -JBP

1969 Actions Violent Arson
2072 Actions Violent Killing of animals

This was added to refer to violence related to the killing of animals, either by humans or by other animals. (Some overlap, perhaps, with Animal predatory behavior.) -JBP

2482 Actions Violent Whipping
2483 Actions Violent Kicking
2490 Actions Violent Dragging
2715 Actions Violent Killing in war
2740 Actions Violent Raiding
2750 Actions Violent Stabbing
2764 Actions Violent Intimidation
2902 Actions Violent Animal attack on human
2945 Actions Violent Interracial
3260 Actions Violent Violence against animals
3378 Actions Violent Slapping
3387 Actions Violent Beating
3487 Actions Violent Car accident
3749 Actions Violent Throwing downstairs
3794 Actions Violent Sexual assault
3824 Actions Violent Castration
3825 Actions Violent Self-mutilation
3997 Actions Violent Scratching
4016 Actions Violent Boxing
4041 Actions Violent Intent to kill
4168 Actions Violent Poisoning
4231 Actions Violent Homicide
4299 Actions Violent Explosion
4413 Actions Violent Airplane crash
4844 Actions Violent Killing
4846 Actions Violent Mutilation
5094 Actions Violent Disfigurement
5133 Actions Violent Asphyxiation
535 Cultural Issues War Death
616 Cultural Issues War Wound
718 Cultural Issues War Defeat
735 Cultural Issues War World War II
737 Cultural Issues War Union Army
763 Cultural Issues War Surrender
772 Cultural Issues War Refuge
791 Cultural Issues War Confederate Army
796 Cultural Issues War Homefront
800 Cultural Issues War Women
894 Cultural Issues War Deployment
897 Cultural Issues War Aerial combat
935 Cultural Issues War Patriotism
963 Cultural Issues War Return
978 Cultural Issues War World War I