Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
1443 Actions Physical Trembling
1444 Actions Bodily Breathing
1445 Actions Bodily Trembling
1448 Actions Emotional Caring
1453 Actions Economic Borrowing
1466 Actions Hunting Slave hunting
1467 Actions Non-human Decay
1481 Actions Hunting Fox hunting
1482 Actions Bodily Watching
1489 Actions Emotional Surprise
1490 Actions Emotional Empathy
1492 Actions Verbal Denial
1493 Actions Physical Digging
1494 Actions Communication Letter
1498 Actions Movement Chasing
1502 Actions Communication Messenger

Whenever someone comes to deliver a message verbally in person.

1507 Actions Interaction, Private Interrogation
1509 Actions Emotional Indifference
1510 Actions Physical Reading
1511 Actions Physical Curtsy
1515 Actions Domestic Polish
1524 Actions Emotional Pity
1529 Actions Work Construction
1536 Actions Economic Delivery
1539 Actions Interaction, Social Visiting
1552 Actions Bodily Going to bed
1553 Actions Hunting Setting up camp
1563 Actions Perceptual Misreading
1566 Actions Emotional Restlessness
1570 Actions Communication Without words

When someone communicates by means of something other than words (written or spoken); for example, the envelope full of money Boyd wants Ike to give his mistress, or the verbena that Drusilla leaves on Bayard's pillow.

1572 Actions Perceptual Ambiguity
1578 Actions Work Teaching
1586 Actions Bodily Panting
1591 Actions Non-human Attack
1593 Actions Bodily Decomposition
1597 Actions Bodily Thirsting
1598 Actions Bodily Drinking
1599 Actions Emotional Excitement
1601 Actions Movement Running away
1602 Actions Economic Blacksmithing
1603 Actions Economic Carpentry
1604 Actions Bodily Squatting
1607 Actions Hunting Possum
1610 Actions Hunting Teaching
1611 Actions Hunting Rabbit hunting
1612 Actions Emotional Self-doubt
1614 Actions Hunting Breaking camp
1616 Actions Hunting Waiting
1618 Actions Hunting Tracking
1619 Actions Verbal Honor
1620 Actions Hunting Blowing horn
1625 Actions Hunting Racoon hunting
1626 Actions Hunting Turkey hunting
1644 Actions Domestic Teaching
1648 Actions Work Getting water
1649 Actions Emotional Embarrasment
1651 Actions Emotional Crying
1654 Actions Emotional Defeat
1679 Actions Legal Record keeping
1680 Actions Work Building structure
1682 Actions Interaction, Social Frontier life
1683 Actions Interaction, Social Marketing
1691 Actions Interaction, Social Barbecue
1701 Actions Interaction, Social Making progress
1704 Actions Interaction, Social Civic dispute
1707 Actions Movement Constant
1717 Actions Legal Locking up
1724 Actions Interaction, Social Incarcerating
1726 Actions Perceptual Watching
1729 Actions Interaction, Social Civic discussion
1736 Actions Bodily Eating supper
1738 Actions Movement Random
1742 Actions Verbal Hushing
1743 Actions Bodily Hungering
1749 Actions Movement Swimming
1750 Actions Violent Threatening
1753 Actions Moral Grave-digging or -violating

This is any time when someone is either digging a grave, or trying to disinter a body in a grave. I'm thinking of Mink moving Houston's body in The Hamlet and the Hound, but also Monk trying to dig up his grandmother in Monk.

1754 Actions Interaction, Social Charity

Here charity is understood as a communal act and is therefore a social interaction. JB

1755 Actions Verbal Speech

Any time someone give a speech, in this case Monk. JB

1758 Actions Legal Arraign
1763 Actions Movement Train
1766 Actions Legal Pardon
1770 Actions Domestic Knitting
1781 Actions Emotional Refusal
1782 Actions Verbal Banishment
1785 Actions Emotional Indecision
1801 Actions Verbal Apology
1811 Actions Mental Realization
1815 Actions Emotional Frustration
1816 Actions Physical Hammering
1817 Actions Hunting Squirrel hunting
1819 Actions Physical Repair
1833 Actions Agricultural Farming
1834 Actions Violent Animal predatory behavior
1835 Actions Violent Destructive behavior

Should "destructive" be a second-level category for "Actions"? (Violent seems wrong for things like vandalism.) -JBP

1838 Actions Mental Self-consciousness
1842 Actions Verbal Bragging
1843 Actions Work Store clerk
1844 Actions Work Restauranteer
1848 Actions Work Government