Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
1269 Actions Verbal Warning
1273 Actions Verbal Complaining
1277 Actions Emotional Vengeful
1281 Actions Emotional Satisfaction
1289 Actions Play School recess
1292 Actions Emotional Terror
1293 Actions Bodily Vomiting
1294 Actions Emotional Shame
1299 Actions Perceptual Investigating
1300 Actions Perceptual Surveillance
1302 Actions Perceptual Strip searching
1304 Actions Verbal Family history
1311 Actions Emotional Attraction
1312 Actions Economic Buying a house
1314 Actions Mental Dreaming
1316 Actions Physical Searching
1317 Actions Interaction, Private Courting
1318 Actions Bodily Fainting
1319 Actions Verbal Promising
1335 Actions Bodily Insomnia
1338 Actions Perceptual Professional surveillance
1339 Actions Bodily Gaining weight
1340 Actions Mental Channeling

An unFaulknerian term for what Zilphia does when, in Jefferson, she lives "vicariously and transcendentally" inside the lives of her former husband and his new wife in another state, or what Darl does so often in As I Lay Dying. SR

1341 Actions Emotional Exultation
1344 Actions Verbal Screaming
1359 Actions Economic Scheming
1363 Actions Perceptual Nosiness
1367 Actions Physical Undressing
1373 Actions Non-human Escape
1376 Actions Physical Dressing
1382 Actions Work For room and board
1383 Actions Perceptual Overhearing
1389 Actions Physical Kissing
1390 Actions Movement Bus
1392 Actions Emotional Sadness
1396 Actions Verbal Joking
1400 Actions Violent Suicide
1402 Actions Bodily Singing
1405 Actions Legal Arrest
1408 Actions Bodily Sitting
1411 Actions Physical Protection
1413 Actions Physical Stalking
1415 Actions Communication Telephone
1429 Actions Violent Kidnapping
1430 Actions Violent Dehumanization

Treating a person through one's actions as if they are an object rather than a fellow human being. BR

1431 Actions Bodily Sweating
1432 Actions Emotional Laughing
1436 Actions Violent Lynch mob
1438 Actions Physical Probing
1439 Actions Physical Jumping
1440 Actions Bodily Choking
1441 Actions Movement Limping
1443 Actions Physical Trembling
1444 Actions Bodily Breathing
1445 Actions Bodily Trembling
1448 Actions Emotional Caring
1453 Actions Economic Borrowing
1466 Actions Hunting Slave hunting
1467 Actions Non-human Decay
1481 Actions Hunting Fox hunting
1482 Actions Bodily Watching
1489 Actions Emotional Surprise
1490 Actions Emotional Empathy
1492 Actions Verbal Denial
1493 Actions Physical Digging
1494 Actions Communication Letter
1498 Actions Movement Chasing
1502 Actions Communication Messenger

Whenever someone comes to deliver a message verbally in person.

1507 Actions Interaction, Private Interrogation
1509 Actions Emotional Indifference
1510 Actions Physical Reading
1511 Actions Physical Curtsy
1515 Actions Domestic Polish
1524 Actions Emotional Pity
1529 Actions Work Construction
1536 Actions Economic Delivery
1539 Actions Interaction, Social Visiting
1552 Actions Bodily Going to bed
1553 Actions Hunting Setting up camp
1563 Actions Perceptual Misreading
1566 Actions Emotional Restlessness
1570 Actions Communication Without words

When someone communicates by means of something other than words (written or spoken); for example, the envelope full of money Boyd wants Ike to give his mistress, or the verbena that Drusilla leaves on Bayard's pillow.

1572 Actions Perceptual Ambiguity
1578 Actions Work Teaching
1586 Actions Bodily Panting
1591 Actions Non-human Attack
1593 Actions Bodily Decomposition
1597 Actions Bodily Thirsting
1598 Actions Bodily Drinking
1599 Actions Emotional Excitement
1601 Actions Movement Running away
1602 Actions Economic Blacksmithing
1603 Actions Economic Carpentry
1604 Actions Bodily Squatting
1607 Actions Hunting Possum
1610 Actions Hunting Teaching
1611 Actions Hunting Rabbit hunting
1612 Actions Emotional Self-doubt
1614 Actions Hunting Breaking camp
1616 Actions Hunting Waiting