Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
678 Relationships Hierarchical Child as authority
1397 Relationships Civic child protection
1519 Relationships Interracial Child-adult
1298 Relationships Friendship Childhood friends
3505 Relationships Familial Childlessness
5323 Relationships Institutional Church-Town

Relationship between any of the Churches and the Town in which they are situated. The specific example here is that even though Reverend Schultz and his church found a new clerk to replace Uncle Willy, no one trusted the new stranger.

398 Relationships (First level term) Civic
1321 Relationships Marital Civil marriage
2058 Relationships Familial Clan
3895 Relationships Social Club
3121 Relationships Familial Cohesion
3306 Relationships Friendship College companions / classmates
3274 Relationships Friendship College roommate
399 Relationships (First level term) Commercial
893 Relationships Marital Common law
895 Relationships Familial Common law marriage
4810 Relationships Interracial Companions
4070 Relationships Familial Competition
952 Relationships Interracial Competitive
759 Relationships Social Conflict
782 Relationships Intergenerational Conflict
1012 Relationships Familial Conflict
1037 Relationships Interracial Conflict
1055 Relationships Marital Conflict
545 Relationships Romantic Courtship
815 Relationships Familial Cousin
811 Relationships Familial Cousin-cousin
4865 Relationships Social Coworker
3304 Relationships Social Crowds
537 Relationships Commercial Customer relations
908 Relationships Romantic Death
3118 Relationships Marital Death of spouse
4359 Relationships Familial Descendants
1233 Relationships Marital Desertion
3811 Relationships Sexual Desertion
1910 Relationships Familial Dissolution
4125 Relationships Marital Divorce
2825 Relationships Institutional Doctor-patient
3944 Relationships Commercial Doctor-patient
4725 Relationships Hierarchical Doctor-patient
2295 Relationships Interracial Domestic

This term denotes significant moments in interracial relationships within the domestic sphere. This is outside of the more binary Master-Slave or Master-Servant relationship. For example, the African-American servants in the Priest household feel little compunction about yelling at Boon, a white man. This term therefore captures those moments in which domestic labor did not cut along distinctly racial lines, although they do have a racial charge. JB

4439 Relationships Familial Dynasty
4620 Relationships Familial Dysfunctional
1094 Relationships (First level term) Economical
775 Relationships Hierarchical Elder-younger
628 Relationships Marital Elopement
540 Relationships Commercial Employer-employee
675 Relationships Hierarchical Employer-employee
4201 Relationships Romantic Engagement
4196 Relationships Marital Entrapment
755 Relationships Interracial Etiquette
1381 Relationships Familial Exigent circumstances
1576 Relationships Familial Extended family
1573 Relationships Romantic Extra-marital
4523 Relationships Sexual Extramarital
1831 Relationships Social Fame
400 Relationships (First level term) Familial
5281 Relationships Familial Family as shackle
1067 Relationships Marital Father in law-son in law
565 Relationships Familial Father-daughter
514 Relationships Familial Father-son
4108 Relationships Familial Father-son in law
4452 Relationships Familial Favoritism
3764 Relationships Social Fellow alumni of a college or university
610 Relationships Intergenerational Female
836 Relationships Romantic Fiance
3454 Relationships Romantic Flirtation
1622 Relationships Marital Forced
5580 Relationships Hierarchical Foreman-worker
4913 Relationships Familial Foster family
4809 Relationships Familial Fratricide
477 Relationships (First level term) Friendship
4961 Relationships Social Gang
4126 Relationships Familial Genealogy
2434 Relationships Ancestral Generational succession
754 Relationships Intergenerational Grandparent-grandchild
810 Relationships Familial Grandparent-grandchild
3161 Relationships Familial Great grandfather-grandfather
1979 Relationships Ancestral Great-grandparent
478 Relationships (First level term) Hierarchical
3302 Relationships Social Homoerotic
1418 Relationships Social Homosocial
547 Relationships Social Homosocial rivalry
3097 Relationships Marital Honeymoon
5353 Relationships Marital Honeymoon
769 Relationships Intergenerational Hunting party
674 Relationships Marital Husband-wife
1860 Relationships Familial Husband-wife
4179 Relationships Sexual Inappropriate
987 Relationships Ancestral Indian
5617 Relationships Interracial Indian-black
1557 Relationships Interracial Indian-white
1624 Relationships Interracial Indian-white
4692 Relationships Romantic Infidelity
402 Relationships (First level term) Institutional
4867 Relationships Marital Interaction
479 Relationships (First level term) Intergenerational
5385 Relationships Marital Intergenerational
403 Relationships (First level term) Interracial
1621 Relationships Marital Interracial