Term ID Vocabularysort ascending Parent Term Description
664 Relationships Social Snobbery
674 Relationships Marital Husband-wife
675 Relationships Hierarchical Employer-employee
678 Relationships Hierarchical Child as authority
700 Relationships Commercial Rivalry
725 Relationships Intergenerational Rivalry
741 Relationships Hierarchical Teacher-student
744 Relationships Institutional Lawyer-client
752 Relationships Social Neighbor
754 Relationships Intergenerational Grandparent-grandchild
755 Relationships Interracial Etiquette
759 Relationships Social Conflict
766 Relationships Interspecies Man-dog
769 Relationships Intergenerational Hunting party
775 Relationships Hierarchical Elder-younger
776 Relationships Institutional Military
782 Relationships Intergenerational Conflict
806 Relationships Intergenerational Mentor-disciple
810 Relationships Familial Grandparent-grandchild
811 Relationships Familial Cousin-cousin
815 Relationships Familial Cousin
817 Relationships Hierarchical Landlord-tenant
822 Relationships Hierarchical Leader
828 Relationships Social Paternalism
836 Relationships Romantic Fiance
858 Relationships Sexual Adultery
879 Relationships Interracial Networks
893 Relationships Marital Common law
895 Relationships Familial Common law marriage
908 Relationships Romantic Death
913 Relationships Familial Orphan
922 Relationships Familial Sister-sister
946 Relationships Interracial White-black
952 Relationships Interracial Competitive
965 Relationships Familial Parents-children
973 Relationships Commercial Landlord-tenant
987 Relationships Ancestral Indian
1012 Relationships Familial Conflict
1013 Relationships Marital Spousal privilege
1021 Relationships Familial Kinship
1029 Relationships Marital Arrangements
1037 Relationships Interracial Conflict
1055 Relationships Marital Conflict
1067 Relationships Marital Father in law-son in law
1094 Relationships (First level term) Economical
1140 Relationships Social Assailant-victim
1147 Relationships Marital Alleged
1168 Relationships Marital Bigamy
1233 Relationships Marital Desertion
1263 Relationships Social Mentorship
1264 Relationships Familial Mentorship
1271 Relationships Familial Mother-daughter passim
1298 Relationships Friendship Childhood friends
1321 Relationships Marital Civil marriage
1328 Relationships Marital Separated
1334 Relationships Marital Vicarious wedding
1351 Relationships Familial Invented
1354 Relationships Marital Abandonment
1355 Relationships Marital Adultery
1366 Relationships Familial Physical discipline
1381 Relationships Familial Exigent circumstances
1384 Relationships Familial Physical resemblances
1397 Relationships Civic child protection
1406 Relationships Institutional Jailer-prisoner
1418 Relationships Social Homosocial
1420 Relationships Social Isolation

This term describes moments when a character is isolated or ostracized from the wider social community. BR
Also used this term when a person intentionally isolates him/herself from the larger community. JJ

1519 Relationships Interracial Child-adult
1540 Relationships Institutional Minister and parishioner
1551 Relationships Interracial Master-servant
1554 Relationships Interspecies Man-horse
1557 Relationships Interracial Indian-white
1562 Relationships Familial Surrogate
1568 Relationships Interspecies Man-nature
1573 Relationships Romantic Extra-marital
1575 Relationships Interracial Romantic
1576 Relationships Familial Extended family
1581 Relationships Interracial Marriage
1594 Relationships Hierarchical Master-slave
1621 Relationships Marital Interracial
1622 Relationships Marital Forced
1624 Relationships Interracial Indian-white
1631 Relationships Friendship Racial

I did not create this definition, but I read this as friendships that occur by virtue of people being of the same race. For example, Ned and Ephum in the Reivers are surrounded by white people and form friendship. Not sure how this term is meant to be used though. JB

1773 Relationships Institutional Police-arrestee
1799 Relationships Familial Brother-sister
1831 Relationships Social Fame
1857 Relationships Commercial Business partners
1859 Relationships Familial Motherhood

As a part of one's identity. I created it when Temple Drake (in Requiem) notes that she had become a mother but never exorcised her culturally improper sexual desires. SR

1860 Relationships Familial Husband-wife
1910 Relationships Familial Dissolution
1912 Relationships Interracial Master-slave
1953 Relationships Familial Twins
1954 Relationships Familial Brother-brother
1979 Relationships Ancestral Great-grandparent
2041 Relationships Ancestral Parent's great-grandparent
2052 Relationships Interspecies Man-mule
2058 Relationships Familial Clan
2214 Relationships Hierarchical Caretaker-mentally challenged person
2238 Relationships Commercial Boss-underling
2248 Relationships Interracial Boss-employee
2256 Relationships Intergenerational Obligation