Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2086 Actions Emotional Respect
2087 Actions Verbal Singing
2098 Actions Movement Sneaking
2102 Actions Verbal Exaggeration
2109 Actions Emotional Hysteria
2111 Actions Verbal Teasing
2118 Actions Emotional Nostalgia
2119 Actions Economic Stock trading

Term for those who buy or sell "stock" - horses, mules, etc. -JBP

2120 Actions Economic Horse trading
2122 Actions Economic Selling a house or place
2123 Actions Economic Buying a shop or store
2126 Actions Bodily Coughing
2127 Actions Physical Finding

For when the text refers to the explicit act of someone or something being found; may include things found that were not actually being searched for. (Cf. Luster's search for a quarter, and the other things he finds.) -JBP

2128 Actions Physical Discovering

For instances when a character literally discovers someone or something -- Mrs. Gant finding her daughter with a boy lying together in a blanket, for instance. Distinct from the MENTAL act of discovery (which is also a keyword in this database). -JBP

2131 Actions Physical Dancing
2132 Actions Domestic Food preparation
2136 Actions Interaction, Private Seeking approval
2146 Actions Mental Skepticism
2147 Actions Interaction, Private Parenting
2148 Actions Interaction, Private Domineering
2149 Actions Bodily Healing
2159 Actions Physical Intrusion
2160 Actions Work Painting|Drawing
2162 Actions Physical Freeing
2171 Actions Interaction, Social Ball/dance
2175 Actions Communication Newspaper columns and notices

For references to items in newspapers that aren't exactly news articles - "agony advice columns," for instance (in "Miss Zilpha Gant"), or obituaries, or similar items. JBP

2176 Actions Perceptual Reading / Researching
2177 Actions Mental Imagining
2178 Actions Bodily Bathing and/or personal hygiene
2180 Actions Bodily Waking
2184 Actions Emotional Hate
2188 Actions Emotional Vindictive
2192 Actions Play Children playing
2194 Actions Bodily Playing music
2205 Actions Play Sports Golf
2207 Actions Mental Impairment
2218 Actions Emotional Moaning
2219 Actions Mental Misunderstanding
2227 Actions Emotional Exhaustion
2231 Actions Economic Frugality
2250 Actions Physical Crawling
2254 Actions Moral Rationalization
2255 Actions Verbal Persuasion
2259 Actions Interaction, Social Male gathering

Added "Male gathering" to capture those moments where men gather in public spaces, like porches, stores, and on the street.--LW

2260 Actions Agricultural Cotton picking
2261 Actions Moral Exploitation
2263 Actions Mental Fatalism
2264 Actions Emotional Passivity
2282 Actions Moral Scheming

Any action that plots or plans to gain a material or social advantage over someone through immoral means. This is separate from economic scheming, which is often directly tied to a commercial situation. It is also not like deception, because the deception has not happened yet. The specific example is Boon "scheming" to take out the car, but there are other instances of characters ratiocinating or plotting to do so. JB

2283 Actions Perceptual Spying

Any time a character or characters looks at someone or something while attempting to remain undetected. JB

2286 Actions Interaction, Social Gentleman's agreement

Set of non-legally binding norms and values between two men. Distinct from Noblesse Oblige this is not class based, but gender based. Faulkner also uses this ironically at times. JB

2288 Actions Bodily Spitting
2292 Actions Domestic Packing
2297 Actions Emotional Hurried
2299 Actions Bodily Losing weight
2302 Actions Bodily Blinking
2305 Actions Emotional Regret
2325 Actions Verbal Telling
2346 Actions Emotional Ambivalence
2349 Actions Mental Unaware
2350 Actions Communication Telegraph
2355 Actions Interaction, Private Seducing
2356 Actions Emotional Detachment
2381 Actions Emotional Suspicion
2386 Actions Emotional Seduction
2394 Actions Moral Corrupting
2405 Actions Military Enlistment
2422 Actions Interaction, Social Social protest
2425 Actions Communication By sound
2426 Actions Communication Swearing
2428 Actions Communication Unsent message
2431 Actions Interaction, Social Partying
2436 Actions Verbal Chatter
2437 Actions Emotional Tolerance
2448 Actions Emotional Callousness
2457 Actions Verbal Eloquence
2463 Actions Physical Race
2465 Actions Verbal Planning
2477 Actions Physical Delivering
2478 Actions Emotional Scolding
2479 Actions Physical Taking
2480 Actions Play Playing in water

For when people (usually children) are playing (splashing, etc.) in water - a creek or branch - as in The Sound and the Fury. Distinct from "swimming" per se. JBP

2482 Actions Violent Whipping
2483 Actions Violent Kicking
2490 Actions Violent Dragging
2495 Actions Domestic Setting the table
2496 Actions Domestic Making a bed
2499 Actions Mental Nightmare
2500 Actions Bodily Groaning
2501 Actions Domestic Care
2502 Actions Emotional Petulance
2517 Actions Movement Steamboat
2519 Actions Verbal Vowing
2521 Actions Military Combat
2523 Actions Legal Trial
2524 Actions Interaction, Social Voting
2535 Actions Bodily Flatulence
2541 Actions Movement Ox
2542 Actions Movement Ferry
2547 Actions Interaction, Social Conversion

Whenever a religious person changes someone's mind on religion. The example here is Hightower taming Ballanbaugh's through violent conversion. JB