Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
3785 Environment Natural Fecundity / lushness
3790 Environment Auditory Dog barking
3791 Environment Auditory Train sound
3816 Environment Olfactory Kerosene lantern
3817 Environment Auditory Hunting horn
3821 Environment Natural Lichen / fungi
3823 Environment Natural Rocks / stones
3846 Environment Natural Leaf / leaves
3849 Environment Otherworldly Hellfire
3860 Environment Natural Water moving / flowing
3869 Environment Public Church steeple
3870 Environment Time of Day One o'clock p.m.
3879 Environment Otherworldly Earth / the world
3881 Environment Natural Orchard
3889 Environment Atmospheric Grayness
3890 Environment Place Cemetery
3898 Environment Place Houses
3899 Environment Place Lawns
3910 Environment Auditory Hoofbeats
3918 Environment Place Bakery
3921 Environment Olfactory Baking / bread
3941 Environment Place Drugstore / pharmacy
3946 Environment Otherworldly Moon / Lunar
3947 Environment Atmospheric Harvest moon
3948 Environment Time of Year Lunar month / cycle
3949 Environment Atmospheric Full moon
3956 Environment Olfactory Sexual smells
3958 Environment Olfactory Ammonia
3959 Environment Olfactory Animal / stable
3960 Environment Public Railroad tracks
3962 Environment Domestic Space Immigrant neighborhood
3965 Environment Natural Weeds
3966 Environment Natural Vines
3973 Environment Auditory Rodent sounds
3980 Environment Natural Moss
3981 Environment Natural Flowers
3984 Environment Atmospheric Wetness
3985 Environment Domestic Space Hogwallow
3988 Environment Olfactory Hog / pig pen
4000 Environment Auditory Running sound
4007 Environment Atmospheric Oppressive
4018 Environment Atmospheric Starlight
4021 Environment Place Indian mound
4031 Environment Domestic Space Chicken coop / hen house
4043 Environment Public Town hall
4059 Environment Place Greenbury hotel
4092 Environment Public Courtroom
4100 Environment Natural Cedar trees
4144 Environment Natural Sand
4147 Environment Time of Year Monday
4163 Environment Weather Perfect Weather

Perfect, that is, for the context - which can either mean clear sunlight OR pitch darkness, frost or rain. Whenever the weather feels right. For the dawn of the hunt in "Race at Morning," it means "cold and bright" (297).

4183 Environment Atmospheric Unfamiliar place

When the action of a story takes someone into a place they've never been before, for example the "strange country" that the chase of the deer reaches in "Race at Morning" (301).

4184 Environment Time of Day Nine o'clock p.m.
4187 Environment Auditory Shots
4202 Environment Weather Fog
4235 Environment Public Bank
4240 Environment Domestic Space Closet
4247 Environment Place Shrubbery
4253 Environment Public Drugstore
4264 Environment Auditory Combat sounds
4265 Environment Public Cafe
4296 Environment Auditory Cars passing
4300 Environment Auditory Footsteps
4313 Environment Domestic Space Field
4320 Environment Public Art museum
4353 Environment Auditory Sound of drums
4377 Environment Domestic Space Drawing room
4396 Environment Olfactory Camp-fire smoke
4412 Environment Public Barber shop
4414 Environment Auditory Airplane sound
4415 Environment Time of Day Saturday night
4429 Environment Olfactory House
4430 Environment Public Architecture
4450 Environment Olfactory Smelling black
4481 Environment Auditory Music
4497 Environment Public Telegraph office
4504 Environment Time of Year Easter
4524 Environment Public Poolhall
4526 Environment Domestic Space Ritual
4540 Environment Olfactory Smoke
4558 Environment Place Well|Wellhouse
4613 Environment Place Decayed plantation
4616 Environment Public Lavatory
4623 Environment Place Bedroom
4649 Environment Atmospheric Sexual
4653 Environment Place Lavatory
4664 Environment Atmospheric Racialized
4665 Environment Place Decayed house
4667 Environment Place Gate
4681 Environment Atmospheric Hallucinated
4697 Environment Place Courtroom
4719 Environment Place Park
4726 Environment Otherworldly Beyond living world passim
4773 Environment Domestic Space Livestock pen
4782 Environment Time of Year Indian Summer
4787 Environment Time of Day Eleven o'clock
4792 Environment Natural Quicksand
4794 Environment Place Hovel
4804 Environment Place Dirt lane
4806 Environment Auditory Moving wagon