Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2049 Environment Place Moon
3946 Environment Otherworldly Moon / Lunar
603 Environment Atmospheric Moonlit
492 Environment Time of Day Morning
3980 Environment Natural Moss
2274 Environment Place Motordrome
3540 Environment Natural Mountains
4806 Environment Auditory Moving wagon
3541 Environment Natural Mud
2771 Environment Auditory Murmur
4481 Environment Auditory Music
2858 Environment Olfactory Must
334 Environment (First level term) Natural
2549 Environment Auditory Nature

The sounds of nature, generally on a quiet night. JB

5582 Environment Place Negro district
1503 Environment Time of Year New Year
4874 Environment Place Newspaper office
687 Environment Time of Day Night
917 Environment Atmospheric Night
5639 Environment Time of Day Nine o'clock a.m.
4184 Environment Time of Day Nine o'clock p.m.
747 Environment Time of Day Noon
1608 Environment Time of Year November
2731 Environment Time of Year October
942 Environment Place Office
2949 Environment Domestic Space Office
3058 Environment Place Official office
4944 Environment Place Okatoba
4943 Environment Place Old Jefferson
2201 Environment Olfactory Old woman smell

For when Faulkner texts make explicit reference to the smell of elderly (old) women - "faint odor of old maidens" in "Go Down, Moses," the "rank smell of female old flesh" in "Absalom," etc. (Question: Does Faulkner ever reference the smell of old MEN?) JBP

335 Environment (First level term) Olfactory
3870 Environment Time of Day One o'clock p.m.
4007 Environment Atmospheric Oppressive
3881 Environment Natural Orchard
5150 Environment Place Orphanage
336 Environment (First level term) Otherworldly
1462 Environment Domestic Space Outhouse
2543 Environment Place Outlaw country

On a number of occasions, Faulkner makes reference to stretches of outlaw country. Places where illegal and illicit practices transpire, but there is no enforcement by local or federal authority. This is particular in reference to Frenchman's Bend in the Hamlet, but also Ballenbaugh's historic emergence in the Reivers. JB

3682 Environment Olfactory Oversweet organic

Honeysuckle, but also the blooms from the "heaven tree" in Sanctuary, etc.

3381 Environment Auditory Owls
3380 Environment Domestic Space Paddock
2561 Environment Place Paducah
4719 Environment Place Park
5508 Environment Public Park
1514 Environment Domestic Space Parlor
1512 Environment Domestic Space Pasture
2806 Environment Public Pasture

There is already an entry for Domestic Space -> Pasture. This refers to a pasture that is not part of a domestic space. JB

5513 Environment Place Pawn shop
5099 Environment Atmospheric Peaceful
1769 Environment Place Penitentiary
4163 Environment Weather Perfect Weather

Perfect, that is, for the context - which can either mean clear sunlight OR pitch darkness, frost or rain. Whenever the weather feels right. For the dawn of the hunt in "Race at Morning," it means "cold and bright" (297).

2932 Environment Olfactory Perfume smell
1673 Environment Public Pioneer settlement
3211 Environment Olfactory Pipe smoke
337 Environment (First level term) Place
738 Environment Place Plantation
748 Environment Domestic Space Plantation house
2306 Environment Time of Year Planting time
1290 Environment Place Playground
2016 Environment Place Pond
4524 Environment Public Poolhall
2004 Environment Place Poorhouse
920 Environment Domestic Space Porch
3405 Environment Public Post office
1714 Environment Auditory Postal horn
2139 Environment Place Power Plant
636 Environment Time of Day Pre-dawn
3006 Environment Natural Prehistoric forces
338 Environment (First level term) Public
1053 Environment Time of Year Quail season
4988 Environment Place Quarters
4792 Environment Natural Quicksand
3675 Environment Auditory Quietness
994 Environment Domestic Space Race
984 Environment Domestic Space Racial confusion
4664 Environment Atmospheric Racialized
2233 Environment Place Railroad
1005 Environment Place Railroad log line
3960 Environment Public Railroad tracks
702 Environment Weather Rain
2481 Environment Olfactory Rain
3071 Environment Auditory Rain on roof
3493 Environment Public Restaurant
4526 Environment Domestic Space Ritual
2071 Environment Natural River
2044 Environment Place River-bottom
691 Environment Public Road
2805 Environment Place Road
3823 Environment Natural Rocks / stones
3973 Environment Auditory Rodent sounds
4000 Environment Auditory Running sound
557 Environment Place Rural
2766 Environment Place Saloon
4144 Environment Natural Sand
1757 Environment Time of Year Saturday
5640 Environment Time of Day Saturday
5636 Environment Time of Day Saturday evening
5132 Environment Time of Day Saturday morning
4415 Environment Time of Day Saturday night
1960 Environment Auditory Sawing