Term ID Vocabularysort descending Parent Term Description
2221 Environment Natural Stars
2224 Environment Weather Warmth
2233 Environment Place Railroad
2234 Environment Atmospheric Spectral
2240 Environment Olfactory Smelling death
2252 Environment Natural Trees
2253 Environment Olfactory Trees
2262 Environment Public Store porch
2273 Environment Weather Storm
2274 Environment Place Motordrome
2281 Environment Domestic Space Garage

Any structure used for the storage of a motor vehicle. In The Reivers this is continuously referred to as the "carriage house", but since it is now an automobile that it houses, I am calling it a garage. This might be more useful for scholars than carriage house. JB

2306 Environment Time of Year Planting time
2344 Environment Time of Year Christmas Eve
2351 Environment Domestic Space Carriage house
2399 Environment Place Brothel / Bordello
2430 Environment Place Hotel kitchen
2449 Environment Place Graveyard
2481 Environment Olfactory Rain
2484 Environment Time of Day Evening
2485 Environment Olfactory Locust
2487 Environment Olfactory Cigar
2488 Environment Auditory Birdsong
2493 Environment Weather Cloud
2498 Environment Auditory Industry
2538 Environment Place Fishing camp
2539 Environment Public Bridge
2543 Environment Place Outlaw country

On a number of occasions, Faulkner makes reference to stretches of outlaw country. Places where illegal and illicit practices transpire, but there is no enforcement by local or federal authority. This is particular in reference to Frenchman's Bend in the Hamlet, but also Ballenbaugh's historic emergence in the Reivers. JB

2548 Environment Domestic Space Loft
2549 Environment Auditory Nature

The sounds of nature, generally on a quiet night. JB

2555 Environment Time of Day Lunch
2558 Environment Olfactory Bordello
2560 Environment Domestic Space Bathroom
2561 Environment Place Paducah
2610 Environment Domestic Space Stairway
2685 Environment Auditory Bees
2689 Environment Atmospheric Candlelight
2690 Environment Atmospheric Creepy
2710 Environment Time of Day Sunday morning
2714 Environment Time of Day Breakfast
2731 Environment Time of Year October
2732 Environment Place Church
2747 Environment Weather Snow
2760 Environment Domestic Space Log yard
2765 Environment Public Sidewalk
2766 Environment Place Saloon
2769 Environment Public Train Station/Train depot
2770 Environment Olfactory Urine
2771 Environment Auditory Murmur
2772 Environment Olfactory Alcohol
2787 Environment Time of Year September
2805 Environment Place Road
2806 Environment Public Pasture

There is already an entry for Domestic Space -> Pasture. This refers to a pasture that is not part of a domestic space. JB

2814 Environment Domestic Space Lean-to
2817 Environment Olfactory Sweat
2822 Environment Domestic Space Barn
2858 Environment Olfactory Must
2866 Environment Atmospheric Sterile
2875 Environment Domestic Space Servants' home

For when a text draws attention to the home of a servant (not necessarily a slave quarter) - the servants' homes in "The Sound and the Fury," for instance, or maybe in "The Unvanquished." -JBP

2894 Environment Place Spring
2916 Environment Time of Year January
2919 Environment Domestic Space Cellar
2925 Environment Natural Grass
2926 Environment Natural Dew
2927 Environment Auditory Insect sounds
2929 Environment Auditory Tree / leaves
2930 Environment Olfactory Smelling trees
2932 Environment Olfactory Perfume smell
2935 Environment Domestic Space Ladies parlor
2949 Environment Domestic Space Office
2957 Environment Auditory Barking
2960 Environment Place Speakeasy
2983 Environment Auditory Unseen voice
2984 Environment Domestic Space Apartment
2996 Environment Olfactory Weed
3006 Environment Natural Prehistoric forces
3057 Environment Time of Day Wee hours
3058 Environment Place Official office
3070 Environment Auditory Clock ticking
3071 Environment Auditory Rain on roof
3110 Environment Domestic Space Dressing room
3150 Environment Domestic Space Empty room
3153 Environment Domestic Space Sick room

Added to denote a room being used or described as for when someone is sick. Added to refer to the "empty" room that is also where the family "has the measles" in S&F, but can be applied in other texts as well -- Addie's room in AILD, for example. -JBP

3163 Environment Time of Year Thursday
3205 Environment Place Ghetto
3208 Environment Time of Year Juneteenth
3210 Environment Time of Year Thanksgiving
3211 Environment Olfactory Pipe smoke
3259 Environment Auditory Frogs
3262 Environment Auditory Water
3275 Environment Domestic Space College dormitory
3310 Environment Time of Day Ten o'clock a.m.
3314 Environment Public Academic quad / quadrangle
3320 Environment Auditory Clock chiming
3344 Environment Natural Body of water

For when a text refers to a pond, lake, or sea (as in Sea of Galilee or other inland bodies of water). JBP

3375 Environment Olfactory Ether
3377 Environment Olfactory Excrement
3380 Environment Domestic Space Paddock
3381 Environment Auditory Owls
3396 Environment Olfactory Tobacco
3397 Environment Olfactory Benzene