Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort ascending Description
2337 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Doom
1589 Environment Atmospheric Doom
4527 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Donne, John
4302 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Don Quixote
2387 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Don Juan
2148 Actions Interaction, Private Domineering
1079 Actions Violent Domestic violence
333 Environment (First level term) Domestic Space
274 Cultural Issues Slavery Domestic labor
1085 Actions (First level term) Domestic
4993 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Domestic
665 Cultural Issues Violence Domestic
673 Cultural Issues Labor Domestic
1965 Cultural Issues Economy Domestic
2295 Relationships Interracial Domestic

This term denotes significant moments in interracial relationships within the domestic sphere. This is outside of the more binary Master-Slave or Master-Servant relationship. For example, the African-American servants in the Priest household feel little compunction about yelling at Boon, a white man. This term therefore captures those moments in which domestic labor did not cut along distinctly racial lines, although they do have a racial charge. JB

2151 Themes and Motifs Objects Dolls
3441 Environment Domestic Space Dollhouse
618 Themes and Motifs Animals Dogs
3067 Themes and Motifs Objects Dogfennel
4008 Themes and Motifs Animals Dog-fox
3790 Environment Auditory Dog barking
3793 Actions Non-human Dog barking
5562 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Doddsville, Mississippi
1379 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Doctoring
2825 Relationships Institutional Doctor-patient
3944 Relationships Commercial Doctor-patient
4725 Relationships Hierarchical Doctor-patient
3943 Actions Work Doctor / medical care
1936 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Djinn
4125 Relationships Marital Divorce
3752 Actions Legal Divorce
1446 Cultural Issues Race Division
3701 Cultural Issues Education Divinity school
1779 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Divine plan
3109 Cultural Issues Religion Divine judgment
1930 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Divine intervention
3649 Environment Natural Ditches
600 Environment Place Ditch
3660 Actions Mental Distrust
3801 Actions Mental Distraction
4188 Themes and Motifs Home Distance from home

For moments when somebody thinks how far they've come from where they live. SR

1910 Relationships Familial Dissolution
4868 Aesthetics Narrative Disruption
2678 Cultural Issues Class Disruption
3012 Themes and Motifs Exile Dispossession
2669 Cultural Issues History Dispossessing Indians
2133 Cultural Issues War Displacement
4199 Actions Mental Disorientation
5257 Cultural Issues Clothes Disordered
503 Themes and Motifs Chaos/Order Disorder
4605 Actions Work Dismissing from work
4063 Actions Legal Dismissing a case
4866 Actions Work Dismissal
5307 Actions Bodily Dismemberment
3809 Themes and Motifs Morals Dishonor
5187 Themes and Motifs Objects Dishes
3648 Cultural Issues Sexuality Disgust with sex
4614 Actions Emotional Disgust
1497 Cultural Issues Clothes Disguise
5094 Actions Violent Disfigurement
3669 Cultural Issues Race Disenfranchisement
3426 Themes and Motifs Psychological Disembodiment
4408 Themes and Motifs Death Disease
1902 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Disease
5266 Themes and Motifs Money Disdaining money
1070 Actions Verbal Discussion
1203 Actions Mental Discovery
3174 Themes and Motifs Past Discovering it
2128 Actions Physical Discovering

For instances when a character literally discovers someone or something -- Mrs. Gant finding her daughter with a boy lying together in a blanket, for instance. Distinct from the MENTAL act of discovery (which is also a keyword in this database). -JBP

314 Cultural Issues Slavery Discipline

For passages that depict or refer to any elements of the system by which slaves were policed or punished, like the "Patrollers" who patrolled roads after dark to prevent slaves from leaving plantations. SR

1916 Actions Domestic Discipline
1170 Actions Legal Discharging jury
2912 Actions Mental Disbelief
3685 Actions Mental Disapproval
4376 Actions Emotional Disappointment
1725 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Disappearance
909 Actions Verbal Disagreeing
3968 Cultural Issues Gender Dirty girl
3605 Themes and Motifs Appearance Dirty
2459 Cultural Issues Clothes Dirty
4804 Environment Place Dirt lane
3559 Environment Natural Dirt / Earth
3651 Actions Movement Direction east
1217 Actions Bodily Dipping snuff
5245 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Dionysus
1433 Environment Time of Day Dinner
977 Environment Domestic Space Dining room
3913 Themes and Motifs Appearance Diminishment / fading
3227 Cultural Issues Agriculture Diminishing farms
1698 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Dillinger, John
1796 Environment Domestic Space Dilapidation
1531 Themes and Motifs Values Dignity
1493 Actions Physical Digging
407 Aesthetics (First level term) Diction
3230 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Dickson
3782 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Dickinson, Emily
5467 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Dickens, Charles
4683 Themes and Motifs Objects Dice
3281 Aesthetics Typography/Orthography Dialogue with no quotation marks
971 Actions Verbal Dialogue