Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
729 Themes and Motifs Art Sculpture
4161 Themes and Motifs Objects Scythe
2666 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Scythe
2354 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Scythian
3592 Environment Natural Sea / Ocean
1316 Actions Physical Searching
2453 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Searching
2536 Themes and Motifs Objects Second-hand

These are items that get passed from person to person and re-purposed. Much of this happens in the Snopes family, but there are also other examples. JB

1975 Aesthetics Narrative Second-person directed

Whenever the narrator of the text refers to "you" as a specific subject or auditor, as is the case with Lucius II referring to Lucius III in the Reivers. This is slightly more nuanced than storytelling, which is generic. Instead this is a narrative crafted with a particular auditor in mind.

3086 Relationships Marital Secrecy
573 Themes and Motifs Arrivals/Departures Secrecy

This term is for occasions when people leave a place in order to hide something from their neighbors, as when Flem and Eula go to Texas so that the birth of her illegitimate child can be kept secret from the population of Frenchman's Bend. SR

1920 Themes and Motifs Community Secrecy
1737 Cultural Issues Government Secrecy
2574 Actions Moral Secret

This is the action of keeping a secret or deciding whether or not to keep a secret. It is not necessarily good or bad, rather keeping a secret is a type of moral choice. Since, this is a singular secret and not a protracted secret, as for example Linda Snopes's parentage, this is placed under moral actions and not themes. JB

2383 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Secret
5358 Cultural Issues Religion Sect
4938 Cultural Issues Crime Sedition
2355 Actions Interaction, Private Seducing
2386 Actions Emotional Seduction
2095 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Seed
1276 Environment Place Seedy parts of town
936 Actions Perceptual Seeing
2136 Actions Interaction, Private Seeking approval
4817 Cultural Issues Race Segregated space
1584 Cultural Issues Race Segregation
444 Cultural Issues (First level term) Segregation
4814 Cultural Issues Slavery Segregation of space
855 Cultural Issues Race Self emancipation
1409 Cultural Issues Race Self-abnegation
1838 Actions Mental Self-consciousness
3972 Actions Emotional Self-consciousness
1139 Aesthetics Narrative Self-correction

When the narrator corrects, or significantly qualifies, an immediately preceding statement or account. JW

5252 Themes and Motifs Character Self-deception
1612 Actions Emotional Self-doubt
284 Cultural Issues Slavery Self-emancipation

For textual moments in which an enslaved person or group acts upon the desire to be free, as when Loosh or unnamed groups of slaves take advantage of the proximity of the Union Army to leave the Sartoris, Sutpen and other plantations where they were enslaved. Most examples of self-emancipation occur during the Civil War, but it also applies the way Thucydus earns the money to buy himself from the McCaslins. SR

2748 Actions Verbal Self-justifying
3825 Actions Violent Self-mutilation
4297 Actions Emotional Self-pity
1650 Aesthetics Narrative Self-Reflective
4350 Themes and Motifs Character Self-reliance
4478 Themes and Motifs Character Self-righteousness
1018 Cultural Issues Economy Self-sufficiency
3727 Actions Emotional Selfishness
4797 Themes and Motifs Values Selflessness
3657 Actions Economic Selling
2122 Actions Economic Selling a house or place
3726 Actions Economic Selling land

Added to distinguish (if we deem necessary) the selling of LAND, part of one's holdings, rather than an entire "home or place"; perhaps these should be subsumed under a single keyword, but selling a home or place is probably not quite the same thing as selling PART of one's land (as in the pasture in SF). JBP

5202 Environment Place Seminary
2694 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Semiramis
3718 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Semiramis
3406 Actions Communication Sending mail
3043 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Sending someone to Jackson
1120 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Senegambia
3570 Actions Perceptual Sensing
3213 Actions Perceptual Sensing the past
2616 Themes and Motifs Body Sensory experience
4004 Themes and Motifs Memory Sensory memory

When the physical sensation of a particular past event is remembered by a character. BR

3807 Cultural Issues Sexuality Sensuality
4171 Themes and Motifs Animals Sentience

Created to capture passages which describe an animal as thinking, knowing - specifically, for the way the horse and the hunting dogs "know where" the deer was hiding "as good as we did" in "Race at Morning," a knowledge that is seen is their behavior (299). SR

2842 Cultural Issues Gender Separate spaces

Not the most refined word for this concept, but essentially different spaces in which women and men can move. This is not like segregation or separate spheres, rather existing social norms that prevent, generally women, from entering certain spaces like hotels, saloons, bootleg joints, etc. JB

1328 Relationships Marital Separated
1741 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Separation
2787 Environment Time of Year September
4358 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Seraphim and cherubim
2964 Themes and Motifs Time Series of events experienced as long duration
4517 Cultural Issues Religion Sermon
2875 Environment Domestic Space Servants' home

For when a text draws attention to the home of a servant (not necessarily a slave quarter) - the servants' homes in "The Sound and the Fury," for instance, or maybe in "The Unvanquished." -JBP

2495 Actions Domestic Setting the table
1553 Actions Hunting Setting up camp
5236 Actions Economic Settling up
5145 Environment Time of Day Seven o'clock p.m.
3464 Cultural Issues Education Sewanee
1213 Actions Domestic Sewing
3255 Themes and Motifs Objects Sewing machine
271 Cultural Issues Slavery Sex
3900 Cultural Issues Sexuality Sex and death
4691 Actions Economic Sex as payment
4624 Cultural Issues Violence Sexual
3104 Relationships Romantic Sexual
4649 Environment Atmospheric Sexual
4227 Actions Interaction, Private Sexual
482 Relationships (First level term) Sexual
3794 Actions Violent Sexual assault
3730 Cultural Issues Gender Sexual double standard

For when a text makes references to the double standards between men and women; also can apply to double standard for women - Madonna/whore (or virgin/whore). Added for when Mrs Compson posits that a woman is either a lady or not (referring to Caddy and her dishonor). JBP

5250 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Sexual goddesses
2816 Cultural Issues Gender Sexual Harassment
3650 Cultural Issues Sexuality Sexual passion
845 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Sexual power
3956 Environment Olfactory Sexual smells
3758 Aesthetics Symbolism Sexual symbol
486 Cultural Issues (First level term) Sexuality
579 Cultural Issues Clothes Shabby
2309 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Shades
666 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Shadow
1564 Cultural Issues Race Shadow of Negro
1323 Aesthetics Symbolism Shadows
3064 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Shadows
947 Aesthetics Intertextuality Shakespeare
2762 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Shakespeare, William
3414 Actions Bodily Shaking