Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
2186 Themes and Motifs Morals Protest
5196 Actions Emotional Proud
2406 Themes and Motifs Values Providence
4771 Cultural Issues Religion Providence
4638 Relationships Familial Providing for
2368 Themes and Motifs Character Provincialism
5598 Actions Verbal Provoking
2853 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Przemysl
4876 Relationships Interracial Pseudo-family
387 Themes and Motifs (First level term) Psychological
4212 Cultural Issues War Psychological effects
3714 Cultural Issues Education Psychology class
5427 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Ptolemy
2154 Cultural Issues Sexuality Puberty

For when a text makes reference (perhaps implicitly) to puberty and/or sexual maturing. It was added for the moment in "Miss Zilphia Gant" when her mother makes her get naked and examines her body each month when she turns 13.

338 Environment (First level term) Public
4658 Cultural Issues Politics Public opinion
4639 Cultural Issues Technology Public telephone
3745 Cultural Issues Food Pumpkin pie
3073 Actions Moral Punishment
3566 Actions Verbal Punning
3654 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Puppy
276 Cultural Issues Slavery Purchase
1068 Actions Economic Purchase
4337 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Purgatory
3095 Actions Moral Purification
2388 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity Puritan
4903 Themes and Motifs Character Purity
938 Actions Physical Pursuit
3130 Actions Physical Pushing away
5462 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Pushkin, Alexander
2664 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Pyramus and Thisbe
2869 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Quackery
1052 Themes and Motifs Animals Quail
1051 Actions Hunting Quail hunting
1053 Environment Time of Year Quail season
3530 Themes and Motifs Money Quarter coin
304 Cultural Issues Slavery Quarters
4988 Environment Place Quarters
3179 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Queen Victoria
5076 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Quentin's suicide
4671 Themes and Motifs Past Quest to recover
5230 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Quest to recover
5276 Actions Physical Questing
1036 Actions Verbal Questioning
4792 Environment Natural Quicksand
3675 Environment Auditory Quietness
889 Themes and Motifs Objects Quilt
1241 Actions Work Quitting job
2182 Aesthetics Narrative Quotation as thought

For when a text says a character "thinks" or "thought" something - often as a passage in quotation marks but also sometimes in italics. In those cases, perhaps the "Italics" keyword should also be applied. JBP

717 Themes and Motifs Animals Rabbit
3534 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Rabbit
1611 Actions Hunting Rabbit hunting
925 Themes and Motifs Animals Raccoon
2583 Cultural Issues Alcohol Race

These are racial issues specifically related to alcohol. For example, Minnie in The Reivers declines to drink with too many white people at once (113). There are also other issues around the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol that cut across racial lines. I thought it was more appropriate to place this here rather than in the race category within cultural issues, as that is already getting full, and becomes the alcohol predominates here. JB

5416 Cultural Issues Technology Race

Whenever someone has a different interaction with technology because of their race. This is usually a Black character who is ignorant of modernity. In this example, it is Job in "Uncle Willy" who doesn't know how to use a telephone.

4174 Cultural Issues Food Race

This keyword should be used when food is connected to race. Examples could include when certain foods are coded racially or when food consumption is related to racial identity. CR

5003 Cultural Issues Religion Race
2463 Actions Physical Race
994 Environment Domestic Space Race
245 Cultural Issues (First level term) Race
3527 Cultural Issues Race Race as a form of behavior
1719 Themes and Motifs Animals Race horse
1631 Relationships Friendship Racial

I did not create this definition, but I read this as friendships that occur by virtue of people being of the same race. For example, Ned and Ephum in the Reivers are surrounded by white people and form friendship. Not sure how this term is meant to be used though. JB

4836 Themes and Motifs Absence/Loss Racial
984 Environment Domestic Space Racial confusion
3525 Cultural Issues Race Racial consciousness
3526 Cultural Issues Race Racial identity
5333 Cultural Issues Race Racial resentment
4880 Cultural Issues Group Mentality Racial solidarity
1577 Cultural Issues Race Racial spheres

TMT: I created this keyword to highlight the differences between the young woman's racial experience in the North and the South, where certain kinds of labor are done by certain races--in this case, taking in laundry by black women.

272 Cultural Issues Slavery Racialism

Used to note passages where enslaved blacks are described as members of an inferior species. The Indians in "Red Leaves," for example, say that their slaves "are like horses and dogs." SR

4664 Environment Atmospheric Racialized
4242 Themes and Motifs Appearance Racialized
5282 Cultural Issues Crime Racialized
974 Cultural Issues Labor Racialized
5610 Cultural Issues Sexuality Racialized
5105 Cultural Issues Progress Racialized
3705 Cultural Issues Alcohol Racial|Regional stereotypes about drinking
1941 Actions Movement Racing
512 Cultural Issues Prejudice Racism
1414 Cultural Issues Race Racist child
705 Aesthetics Diction Racist term
1625 Actions Hunting Racoon hunting
3200 Cultural Issues Entertainment Radio
708 Cultural Issues Mass Media Radio
4316 Cultural Issues Technology Radio
3389 Actions Emotional Rage
4402 Cultural Issues Clothes Rags
5214 Actions Military Raid
2740 Actions Violent Raiding
2233 Environment Place Railroad
1005 Environment Place Railroad log line
3960 Environment Public Railroad tracks
5343 Actions Work Railroad workers
2091 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Rain
2481 Environment Olfactory Rain
702 Environment Weather Rain
3071 Environment Auditory Rain on roof
5634 Cultural Issues Clothes Raincoat
2792 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Rainey, Paul