Term ID Vocabulary Parent Termsort descending Description
1600 Cultural Issues Race Native American

I added this in addition to the more specific Indian tribal identifications because I thought that it would be useful to have a larger umbrella term for users searching for Faulkner's Native American material. LW

4190 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Native American
1211 Cultural Issues Ethnicity Native American
1606 Aesthetics Diction Native American languages

I created this for "The Old People," 204.2, because the emphasis is on the "old tongue" that Sam Fathers speaks. LW

5599 Cultural Issues Race Native American stereotype
334 Environment (First level term) Natural
2549 Environment Auditory Nature

The sounds of nature, generally on a quiet night. JB

5152 Actions Bodily Nausea
3626 Cultural Issues Health and Illness Nausea
5489 Cultural Issues War Naval warfare
5686 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Nazi Party
5496 Themes and Motifs Money Need for
4288 Cultural Issues Education Need to be educated
1116 Aesthetics Figures of Speech Negation

This is the term for when the narrative suggests an image or action, but only in the act of denying it: "He was not crying." EP

4261 Themes and Motifs Home Neglect
1033 Actions Verbal Negotiation
5582 Environment Place Negro district
3030 Cultural Issues Education Negro education
4756 Cultural Issues Race Negro reporting white behavior
2203 Aesthetics Allusion, Literary Negro spirituals
4975 Cultural Issues History Negro troops
5025 Aesthetics Recurring Episodes Negro voting
4980 Cultural Issues Race Negro-lover
752 Relationships Social Neighbor
641 Aesthetics Style Neologism
930 Aesthetics Diction Neologism

This keyword can be used for terms and words invented by Faulkner, including portmanteau words, hyphenated words (e.g., "ax-squared"), non-hyphenated words (e.g., "deathcolored"), onomatopoeic words, or other similar constructions. Not all hyphenated words would qualify as a neologism, such as "mud-caked" or "three-foot-high" which are too commonplace to qualify as neologisms. -CR

2529 Cultural Issues Technology Neon
5507 Cultural Issues Progress Neon lights
4229 Relationships Familial Nepotism
5567 Cultural Issues Government Nepotism
879 Relationships Interracial Networks
3385 Themes and Motifs Objects New car
4972 Cultural Issues History New Deal
5182 Cultural Issues Region New England
3779 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New England
5524 Themes and Motifs Home New home
4644 Aesthetics Language new item
2726 Actions Physical new item
3284 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New London, Connecticut
2375 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New Orleans, Louisiana
2166 Cultural Issues Progress New replacing old
3075 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical New Testament Book of Revelation
3888 Cultural Issues Gender New Woman
1503 Environment Time of Year New Year
2445 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical New York
726 Actions Verbal News
667 Cultural Issues Mass Media Newspaper
1146 Actions Communication Newspaper article
2175 Actions Communication Newspaper columns and notices

For references to items in newspapers that aren't exactly news articles - "agony advice columns," for instance (in "Miss Zilpha Gant"), or obituaries, or similar items. JBP

3770 Cultural Issues Mass Media Newspaper comics / funny paper
4874 Environment Place Newspaper office
1709 Themes and Motifs Texts Newspapers
5426 Aesthetics Allusion, Historical Newton, Isaac
3352 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Niagara Falls
4495 Aesthetics Allusion, Geographical Nicaragua
3503 Themes and Motifs Money Nickel coin
580 Themes and Motifs Naming Nickname
3197 Themes and Motifs Naming Nicknames
917 Environment Atmospheric Night
687 Environment Time of Day Night
2564 Actions Work Night watchman
2268 Cultural Issues Clothes Nightgown
2499 Actions Mental Nightmare
2969 Themes and Motifs Philosophical Nihilism
5639 Environment Time of Day Nine o'clock a.m.
4184 Environment Time of Day Nine o'clock p.m.
1907 Aesthetics Allusion, Mythical Niobe
4154 Aesthetics Language no no
2163 Aesthetics Allusion, Biblical Noah/flood
2011 Actions Interaction, Social Noblesse oblige

Any time of social contract that is maintained that relies on implied class differences. The term is a bit murky, but Faulkner refers to it explicitly and implicitly on a number of occasions. The agreement between Maury Priest and John Powell, and the remission of Miss Emily's taxes are examples. JB

3300 Cultural Issues Class noblesse-oblige
3963 Actions Physical Nodding
2856 Themes and Motifs Character Noisiness
4173 Actions Communication Non-human

To capture when an animal "talks" - for example, when the narrator of "Race at Morning" says the lead dog Eagle "said, 'There he goes'" when he saw the deer. Here the narrator translates the dog's baying into words, but that isn't necessary with this term. It's for when communication occurs between species, probably always between an animal and a person. SR

459 Actions (First level term) Non-human
3432 Cultural Issues War Noncombatant
4197 Themes and Motifs Appearance Nondescript
3072 Actions Physical Nonverbal taunting or teasing
747 Environment Time of Day Noon
4128 Cultural Issues Migration North
1582 Cultural Issues Region North
1896 Cultural Issues Cultural Identity North vs South
4899 Aesthetics Diction Northern dialect
2952 Cultural Issues Identity, Cultural Northerner
2100 Themes and Motifs Body Nose
1363 Actions Perceptual Nosiness
301 Cultural Issues Slavery Nostalgia

When black characters, especially ones who had been enslaved, seem nostalgic for the institution of slavery. Simon in Flags in the Dust is probably the most obvious instance of this. SR

2118 Actions Emotional Nostalgia
746 Aesthetics Tone Nostalgic
4295 Cultural Issues Prejudice Not caring about race
2871 Themes and Motifs Naming Not knowing person or thing's name

For occasions when a narrative draws attention to a character forgetting or not knowing the word or name of someone or something - Benjy being raised not to know his mother's name in Sound and Fury, for instance, or when Joe Christmas can't think at first of what it is he is eating until he remembers "It's peas." -JBP

4884 Themes and Motifs Memory Not remember
5126 Actions Communication Note
4668 Themes and Motifs Texts Note
4218 Themes and Motifs Futility Nothing to do

"There's nothing else I can do now," Elly thinks (207). Reaching a point where no further options or ways forward can be imagined.

1332 Themes and Motifs Recurring Tropes Nothingness
5259 Themes and Motifs Texts Notice
3092 Themes and Motifs Texts Novel
1608 Environment Time of Year November
5005 Cultural Issues Sexuality Nudity