Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
993 Draft War
1108 Mercenary War
1456 Unity War

This keyword describes the way in which war calls upon disparate people to fight for the same ideal. The specific example this is based on is Southerners ultimately fighting in the United States army in later wars, but could also described the camaraderie between allied nations. Joost Burgers

1458 Pillage War
1460 Strategy War

Although technically strategy and tactics are two different elements of war, for the time being they have been collapsed into the same keyword unless there are really nuanced discussions of either in Faulkner. JB

1478 Deprivation War

Individuals or groups who have been deprived of resources and comfort. JB

1487 Spoils War
1505 Fog of War War
1508 Insubordination War
1711 American Revolution War
1712 War of 1812 War
1808 Scorched-earth policy War

This refers specifically to the events describing the destruction of Southern plantations, cities, railroads, etc., by Union forces during the Civil War. Frequently the narratives associate these actions directly with "Sherman," a hated name in Faulkner's South.

1962 Capture War
2101 Civil War War
2133 Displacement War
2134 Demotion War
2142 Spanish American War War
2492 Revenge War
2520 Going to war War
2546 Stolen valor War

Whenever someone claims to have fought in a war, but it is implied that he (always he) did not do so. This comes up quite a bit in Faulkner. JB

2633 Return from war War
2665 Draft evasion / Draft dodging War
2686 Return to war War
2702 Destruction War
2705 Sabotage War
2756 Reconstruction War
2850 Trenches War
2861 Mexican War
3408 Grand Army of the Republic / G.A.R. War
3432 Noncombatant War
3436 Peace War
3490 Civil War consequences War
3635 Recuperation War
3637 Plunder War
3708 Military rank of general War
4077 Royal Air Force War
4079 U.S. Army War
4181 As metaphor War
4212 Psychological effects War
4222 Prisoner War
4228 Military awards War
4274 Military reassignment War
4275 Casualties of war War
4276 Cost of war War
4397 Bivouac fires War
4407 Profiting from war War
4561 Glorification War
4695 On homefront War
4763 Desertion War
4772 Retreat War
4776 Rules of engagement War
4784 Military service War

Whenever a character did or did not serve in the military during war. In this case, it is Redmond in The Unvanquished (225), but another example is Percy Grimm. JHB

4823 Campaign War
4824 Irregular troop War
4828 Violence against civilians War
4911 Refugee War
4916 Indian / Native American wars War
4927 Jacobite Rebellion War
4976 Korean War War
4977 As educational War
5318 Veterans War

This is a general marker for anything to do with veterans. The specific instance is the relationship between Jock and Captain Warren in "Death Drag." Although this is technically a "relationship" between veterans, the occurrence is so rare that it makes more sense to create a generic term.

5489 Naval warfare War
5505 Atrocity War
5516 Bombing War
Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
702 Rain Weather
780 Cold Weather
1784 Heat Weather
1786 Sun Weather
1911 Sunshine Weather
2115 Frost Weather
2153 Mild Weather
2224 Warmth Weather
2273 Storm Weather
2493 Cloud Weather
2747 Snow Weather
3545 Flood Weather
3784 Coolness Weather
4163 Perfect Weather Weather

Perfect, that is, for the context - which can either mean clear sunlight OR pitch darkness, frost or rain. Whenever the weather feels right. For the dawn of the hunt in "Race at Morning," it means "cold and bright" (297).

4202 Fog Weather
5287 Ice Weather
Vocabulary: Actions
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
523 Prosecuting Work
658 Washing clothes Work
813 Farming Work
885 Blacksmith Work
887 Tailor Work
888 Carpenter Work
900 Gardening Work
902 Chopping wood Work
986 Law enforcement Work
1134 Lawyering Work

Performing any sort of work as an attorney at law. JW

1193 Sawmilling Work
1241 Quitting job Work
1382 For room and board Work
1529 Construction Work
1578 Teaching Work
1648 Getting water Work
1680 Building structure Work
1843 Store clerk Work
1844 Restauranteer Work
1848 Government Work