Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1123 Washington, George Allusion, Historical
1135 Harvard University Allusion, Geographical
1136 Heidelberg, Germany Allusion, Geographical
1139 Self-correction Narrative

When the narrator corrects, or significantly qualifies, an immediately preceding statement or account. JW

1153 Character portrait Description
1167 Jackson, Thomas "Stonewall" Allusion, Historical
1172 Mystery Genre Conventions
1180 Embedded text, lettering Intertextuality
1186 Collaborative narration Narrative

Any time multiple characters or voices participate in relating a story. JW

1204 Eyes Description
1215 Longstreet, James Allusion, Historical
Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1124 Stereotype cannibalism Race
1132 Law school Law
1142 Bill of sale Law
1148 Property Law
1151 Grand jury Law
1152 Indictment Law
1154 Farming life Agriculture
1155 The South Region

When a narrator or character explicitly foregrounds the region as distinctive, problematic, or otherwise noteworthy. JW

1156 Hearing Law
1157 Eye for an eye Law

I opted for the more familiar phrase over "Talionic code of justice" to facilitate searching. JW

1163 Hung jury Law
1165 Hill country Identity, Cultural
1171 Retrial Law
1174 Working Class
1176 Soil quality Agriculture
1178 Corn Agriculture
1179 Cotton Agriculture
1184 Corn farming Land-Use
1188 Premature aging Age
1190 Shoes Clothes
1191 Poverty Economy
1194 Wages Economy
1211 Native American Ethnicity
1214 Handmade Clothes
1216 Taxes Politics
1219 Hospitality Region
Vocabulary: Actions
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1125 Cooking Domestic
1126 Begging Verbal
1128 Mule Movement
1130 Plowing Agricultural
1133 Defending Legal

Serving as a defense attorney. JW

1134 Lawyering Work

Performing any sort of work as an attorney at law. JW

1143 Confession Verbal
1144 Confession Legal
1145 Claim Legal
1146 Newspaper article Communication
1150 Remembering Mental
1158 Summation Legal
1162 Recess Legal
1164 Climbing tree Physical
1169 Deliberating Legal
1170 Discharging jury Legal
1173 Contemplation Mental
1182 Fury Emotional
1185 Storytelling Verbal
1189 Washing Domestic
1192 Renting Economic
1193 Sawmilling Work
1195 Trading Economic
1200 Buggy Movement
1203 Discovery Mental
1205 Cleaning Domestic
1206 Nursing Domestic
1207 Milking Domestic
1208 Lying Moral
1209 Child care Domestic
1212 Chopping Agricultural
1213 Sewing Domestic
1217 Dipping snuff Bodily
1218 Invitation Verbal
Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1127 Coffee Objects
1129 Honeysuckle Objects
1131 Story-telling passim Story-telling
1137 Justice Morals

When explicitly considered as a moral issue. JW

1138 Right Morals

As in rightness, explicitly considered as a moral issue. JW

1141 Kinlessness Absence/Loss

I chose this term because it includes orphanhood but isn't limited to it. JW

1159 Human nature Philosophical
1160 Traits Inheritance

In the biological sense rather than the legal or economic one: inherited physical, psychological, or moral characteristics. JW

1161 Responsibility Morals
1166 Named for historical figure Naming
1177 Endurance Recurring Tropes
1183 Shotgun Objects
1187 Independence Character
1196 Work ethic Character
1201 Goat Animals
1202 "Wait" Recurring Tropes

Spoken by a character to pause or slow down narration by another character so s/he can process the significance or take over the narration. The classic examples are from ABSALOM, but it's a signature verbal formula across Faulkner. JW

1210 False name Naming
1221 Cicadas Animals
1222 Lightning bugs Animals
1223 Suffering Philosophical
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1140 Assailant-victim Social
1147 Alleged Marital
1168 Bigamy Marital
Vocabulary: Environment
Term IDsort descending Term Parent Description
1175 Hills Natural
1181 Log house Domestic Space
1197 Christmas Time of Year
1198 Sawmill Place
1199 March Time of Year
1220 Sunset Time of Day