Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
4684 Hymns Religion
4753 Lay preacher Religion
4771 Providence Religion
4820 Forgiveness Religion
4857 And class Religion
4858 Revelation Religion
5003 Race Religion
5103 Folk superstition Religion
5153 Fanaticism Religion
5288 Sunday school Religion
5322 Rebirth Religion

Rebirth as either a goal or a result of Christianity. In this particular case, Uncle Willy's church wants him to be reborn in "Uncle Willy". (232

5358 Sect Religion
5383 Baptism Religion
5452 Pre-Christian Religion
5476 Martyrdom Religion
5560 Redemption Religion
5561 Salvation Religion
758 Hunting Ritual
1628 Initiation Ritual
1632 Funeral Ritual
2199 Funeral arrangements Ritual
2209 Birthday Ritual
2395 Dueling Ritual
2751 Commemoration Ritual
3529 Christmas gift game Ritual
3542 Christmas holiday traditions Ritual
3702 Holiday Ritual
3716 Sati or suttee Ritual
4406 Visit Ritual
4468 Easter Ritual
4737 Civic Ritual
4805 Cemetery decorations Ritual
5092 Drinking Ritual
5447 Holiday dinner Ritual
5620 Wedding Ritual
1579 Marriage Segregation
5341 Housing Segregation
5471 Educational Segregation
5473 Religious Segregation
5538 Economic Segregation
5563 Daily life Segregation
543 Attractiveness Sexuality
564 Pregnant out of wedlock Sexuality
582 Illegitimacy Sexuality
850 Extra-marital Sexuality
880 Premarital Sexuality
1284 Appearance of Sexuality
1337 Frustration Sexuality
1342 Vicarious Sexuality
1360 Female Sexuality
1422 Unattractiveness Sexuality
1434 Prostitution Sexuality
1565 Desire Sexuality
1580 Interracial Sexuality
1884 Virginity Sexuality
2154 Puberty Sexuality

For when a text makes reference (perhaps implicitly) to puberty and/or sexual maturing. It was added for the moment in "Miss Zilphia Gant" when her mother makes her get naked and examines her body each month when she turns 13.

2155 Learning about Sexuality

This admittedly clumsy term is for when a narrative deals with a character being told or otherwise learning about sexual matters. (The specific impetus for its creation is in "Miss Zilphia Gant" when her mother starts strip searching her at age 13 and begins telling her "what her father had done and what she had done.") JBP

2174 Conception/Conceiving a child Sexuality
2298 Promiscuity Sexuality
2442 Harassment Sexuality
3040 Birth control Sexuality
3082 Impotence Sexuality
3087 Voyeurism Sexuality
3129 First sexual encounter or experience Sexuality

There did not seem to be a keyword for one's first time having sex, so I added this. JBP

3290 Incest Sexuality
3349 Preventing or avoiding sex Sexuality
3475 Experience Sexuality
3648 Disgust with sex Sexuality
3650 Sexual passion Sexuality
3753 Fantasy Sexuality
3807 Sensuality Sexuality
3900 Sex and death Sexuality
3975 Orgasm Sexuality
4180 Predatory Sexuality
4490 Perverse Sexuality
4493 Pornography Sexuality
4706 Pregnancy Sexuality
4896 Manipulative Sexuality
5005 Nudity Sexuality
5279 Having sex Sexuality
5349 Adult-adolescent Sexuality
5350 Male vitality Sexuality
5354 Wonderful Sexuality
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
545 Courtship Romantic
836 Fiance Romantic
908 Death Romantic
1573 Extra-marital Romantic
2947 Unrequited Romantic
3104 Sexual Romantic
3185 Love at first sight Romantic
3454 Flirtation Romantic
4201 Engagement Romantic
4307 Multiple Romantic

I created this term for Gavin Stevens's multiple romantic relationships in Knight's Gambit to capture the emotional rather than sexual nature of his attachments.--LW

4692 Infidelity Romantic
5487 Potential Romantic
858 Adultery Sexual
2844 Prostitute-Client Sexual
3811 Desertion Sexual
4179 Inappropriate Sexual
4523 Extramarital Sexual