Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
2314 Illusion Recurring Tropes
2366 Imitation Recurring Tropes
4905 Killing first deer/marked with blood Recurring Tropes
4483 Laughter as sign of madness Recurring Tropes
1352 Life as repetition Recurring Tropes
3271 Little sister Recurring Tropes
2659 Mausoleum Recurring Tropes
2622 Mediation Recurring Tropes

Used to describe the state of being mediated, especially a relationship where the perceiver looks upon or through a medium. JC

1332 Nothingness Recurring Tropes
2653 Odor Recurring Tropes
1985 Open secret Recurring Tropes

Any moment when everyone or many people in a place know something to be true, but they pretend not to know it. For example, everyone knows Linda is not Flem's child, but pretends to not know, just as everyone pretends John Powell brings his gun to work but people pretend he does not. JB

1923 Paradox Recurring Tropes
2310 Performance Recurring Tropes
2181 Precognition / Something to happen Recurring Tropes

For when a character precognitively senses or says that "something" is going to happen to him/her - e.g., Joe Christmas, Miss Zilphia Gant. JBP

2626 Reality Recurring Tropes
2946 Recovery Recurring Tropes
2631 Restoration / rebuilding Recurring Tropes
4398 Reunion Recurring Tropes
4367 Revenge Recurring Tropes
5329 Right-of-way Recurring Tropes

Use to identify scenes where - because of race or class - one person is denied the right-of-way in a public space. The Sutpen children being 'ridden down' by a carriage, or Mink Snopes by Houston, and so on. Includes the related episodoes of Bayard Sartoris almost driving into wagons with Negroes in them. SR

1541 Scandal Recurring Tropes
2453 Searching Recurring Tropes
2383 Secret Recurring Tropes
3043 Sending someone to Jackson Recurring Tropes
845 Sexual power Recurring Tropes
3064 Shadows Recurring Tropes
2876 Sleeping in same bed Recurring Tropes

For when two characters (usually black and white) sleep in the same bed; Benjy with Luster in S&F, Lucas and Henry in GDM, etc. -JBP

2978 Smelled like trees Recurring Tropes
3746 Sole owner and proprietor Recurring Tropes
2592 Solitary Recurring Tropes
2030 Solitude Recurring Tropes
2607 Sound of a gunshot Recurring Tropes
3418 Stillness Recurring Tropes
1933 Sun / Sunlight Recurring Tropes
3539 Thinking of home Recurring Tropes
1948 Threshold Recurring Tropes
1259 Tomorrow and tomorrow Recurring Tropes
2609 Touch Recurring Tropes
1950 Triumph Recurring Tropes
779 Trying to say Recurring Tropes
1024 Twilight Recurring Tropes
873 Upward mobility Recurring Tropes
4210 Vanishing Recurring Tropes
3417 Vitality Recurring Tropes
4910 Year the stars fell Recurring Tropes

Added to refer to Faulkner's reference in at least two texts to 1833, "the year the stars fell" (in Appendix and in Go Down, Moses). Seems to refer to an actual historical event of a massive meteor shower that year which many interpreted as an omen, possibly even of end of times. Here is one article referencing the event: JBP

Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Term Parentsort descending Description
4830 Hapless Yankees Region
1219 Hospitality Region
948 Lost Cause Region
5182 New England Region
1582 North Region
1652 Reconstruction Region
2712 Rural South Region
1155 The South Region

When a narrator or character explicitly foregrounds the region as distinctive, problematic, or otherwise noteworthy. JW

1574 The West Region
2347 African American Religion

Religion with regard to either African-Americans or the African-American community. The particular example here is of Lucius Priest in the The Reivers who imagines a "Negro" sermonizing about a moral decision. R 61.8. JB

1479 Amulet Religion
4857 And class Religion
3876 Apotheosis Religion
4556 Atheism Religion
5383 Baptism Religion
1641 Baptist Religion
1471 Bible Religion
4458 Blessing Religion
4454 camp meeting Religion
2808 Catholicism Religion
2137 Challenge Religion

When characters actively set themselves at odds with a religious deity or institution, such as when Jewel in AILD gripes, "if there is a God what the hell is He for." EP

2775 Chistian Scientist Religion
4515 Christianity Religion
3298 Church service Religion
4596 Communion Religion
4463 Consolation Religion
3328 Damnation Religion
3009 Deist Religion
3109 Divine judgment Religion
1642 Episcopal Religion
5153 Fanaticism Religion
5103 Folk superstition Religion
4820 Forgiveness Religion
4453 Free Will Religion
3612 God Religion
3614 God with human characteristics Religion

For when God is described as human-like -- added for when Quentin said God is "not only a gentleman and a sport; he is a Kentuckian too." JBP

961 Godhead Religion
4456 Heresy Religion
3715 Hinduism Religion
4684 Hymns Religion
1929 Institutional Religion
2807 Islam Religion
4554 Judaism Religion
4753 Lay preacher Religion
5476 Martyrdom Religion
2798 Mason Religion

Although the Masons are explicitly not a religion, as a secret fraternal order they do represent a belief system. I have placed them under religion for the time being, until we figure out a better place. JB

2106 Methodism Religion
1971 Piety Religion
5452 Pre-Christian Religion
3137 Preacher / Minister Religion
4555 Presbyterian Religion
4771 Providence Religion
5003 Race Religion
5322 Rebirth Religion

Rebirth as either a goal or a result of Christianity. In this particular case, Uncle Willy's church wants him to be reborn in "Uncle Willy". (232

5560 Redemption Religion