Vocabulary: Cultural Issues
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
5418 Black body Race

Whenever a Black body is described or there is a touch between a White body and Black body. For example, the unnamed narrator describing Job's body in "Uncle Willy": "he felt like a handful of scrawny dried sticks" (246).

2948 Black family working for white Race
5413 Black foresight Race

Any time a black character appears to have a premonition or intuition about how events will play out. I'm thinking her of Job in "Uncle Willy" who melancholically tags along even though he knows things will end badly. The same could be said for any number of Black servants who are forced to entertain their master's fancies. Dilsey is another example. JB

3116 Black incarceration Race
996 Black property ownership Race
1500 Black stereotype Race
4140 Black women Gender
3101 Blackmail Crime
3531 Blanket Clothes
4458 Blessing Religion
3248 Blind Health and Illness
1623 Blood Class
3283 Boat race Entertainment
1640 Body Gender
5516 Bombing War
1657 Bonnet Clothes
569 Bootlegging Alcohol
3932 Bootlegging Economy
722 Bootlegging Crime
2225 Boots Clothes
2673 Bread Food
865 Breakfast Food
940 Breaking and entering Crime
2584 Bribe Crime

Any payoff to law enforcement or other institution to circumvent the strictures of the law. In The Reivers Lucius Priest refers to this as "blackmail" (112). This is meant ironically. JB

Vocabulary: Themes and Motifs
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
3880 Blackguard Character
3416 Blame Absence/Loss
680 Blood Body
4509 Bluejays Animals
2070 Boat Objects
365 Body (First level term)
5491 Bomb-sight Objects
2911 Bones Death
3457 Bookishness Character
2452 Books Objects
3039 Booksatchel Objects
2469 Bottle Objects
2905 Bow and arrow Objects
3563 Bowels Body
3138 Bowl Objects
2615 Brain / mind Body
4951 Brand name Naming
941 Brass Objects
4259 Bravado Character
3668 Bravery Character
3998 Breast Body
3177 Bricks Objects
Vocabulary: Actions
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
2778 Blackmail Moral
885 Blacksmith Work
1602 Blacksmithing Economic
953 Bleeding Bodily
4308 Bless Verbal
2302 Blinking Bodily
1620 Blowing horn Hunting
4078 Blurring Perceptual
3803 Blushing Bodily
928 Boat Movement
342 Bodily (First level term)
3313 Bonding Legal
3498 Boot-black / Shoe shine Work
853 Bootlegging Economic
1453 Borrowing Economic
4016 Boxing Violent
1842 Bragging Verbal
5186 Breaking Physical
1614 Breaking camp Hunting
4020 Breaking marriage engagement Interaction, Private
4056 Breastfeeding Bodily
1444 Breathing Bodily
4009 Breeding Hunting
3774 Bribing Economic
Vocabulary: Environment
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
1078 Blacksmith Public
5000 Blacksmith shop Place
5286 Bleak Atmospheric
1371 Boarding house Domestic Space
4898 Boat Auditory
3344 Body of water Natural

For when a text refers to a pond, lake, or sea (as in Sea of Galilee or other inland bodies of water). JBP

2558 Bordello Olfactory
5221 Boundary Place
2714 Breakfast Time of Day
1428 Breathing Auditory
Vocabulary: Aesthetics
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
4640 Blackstone Allusion, Historical
1560 Blood Symbolism
2370 Bloom Figures of Speech
5398 Blue Ridge Mountains Allusion, Geographical
2187 Bluebeard Allusion, Literary
1869 Bonaparte, Napoleon Allusion, Historical
3076 Book of life Allusion, Biblical
5053 Boon shoots Negro Recurring Episodes
4932 Boone, Daniel Allusion, Historical
3479 Booth, William Allusion, Historical
4848 Borneo Allusion, Geographical
3733 Boston, Massachusetts Allusion, Geographical
1829 Boxers Dempsey and Tunney Allusion, Historical
1828 Boxers Sullivan and Kilrain Allusion, Historical
1949 Breath Figures of Speech
3427 Brest Allusion, Geographical
Vocabulary: Relationships
Term ID Termsort descending Parent Description
5240 Blended Familial
2248 Boss-employee Interracial
2238 Boss-underling Commercial
4141 Breakup Marital