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There are a number of other videos throughout the site, designed to display various parts of DY in action, but the videos below were created specifically for this section, to demonstrate ways of using DY in the classroom.


      Ben Robbins, "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Analyze 'A Rose for Emily' as a Gothic Literary Work"
      Johannes Burgers, "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Explore the Many Readings of "A Rose for Emily" (5 videos)
      Stephen Railton, "Space and Time in The Sound and the Fury" (3 videos)
      Erin Penner, "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Compare Interpretive Lenses for As I Lay Dying (3 videos)
      John B. Padgett, "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Analyze Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! as a Gothic Text"