Resources for As I Lay Dying

Direct link to the novel's DY homepage . . . The 4 student projects were created by undergraduates in a Faulkner class at the University of Virginia; the last 3 locate this novel in the context of other early Faulkner fictions. For more on student work, see the Student Work homepage.


          Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Compare Interpretive Lenses for As I Lay Dying," by Erin Penner

Student Work

          "Investigating Addie and Dewey Dell Bundren's Relationship in As I Lay Dying," by Maddie Daniel

          "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha," by Abigail Sawyer

          "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha," by Jessica Riemann

          "Where the Women Are in (Digital) Yoknapatawpha," by Caleb Briggs