Sartoris Plantation Cabin 2 in The Unvanquished (Location)

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Loosh's Cabin
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Often referred to as "the other cabin," Loosh and Philadelphy’s cabin is one of at least two cabins in the plantation’s slave quarters. The story does not give any specifics about its location or condition, but it appears to be near Joby’s cabin, though probably not as close to the main house. When Union troops pass through Sartoris, Loosh and Phladelphy follow them toward freedom and the plantation house is destroyed. Bayard and Granny occupy the other cabin mentioned in the novel, while Joby, Louvinia, and Ringo move into this cabin. After Granny's death, Louvinia and Ringo move back to live with Bayard in the first cabin, so for a time Joby lives here alone (192). However, when Colonel John Sartoris and Drusilla return after the Civil War ends, Joby's family lives here together again - until the ladies of Jefferson insist that Drusilla, as a woman, has that first cabin to herself, and John and Bayard move in with Joby and Ringo while the big house is being rebuilt. The novel does not say where Louvinia ended up.

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