Robbins Video: A Rose for Emily


Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Analyze “A Rose for Emily” as a Gothic Literary Work

By Ben Robbins

I used this video demonstration in an online undergraduate course on the American Gothic literary tradition, but it also works independently as an analysis of the story outside of this context. It illustrated to my students how they can use DY to perform a Gothic reading of Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily.” While the video doesn’t cover all of the many tools available on the site, it illustrates several ways in which researchers and students can use the resource to generate new insights about canonical Faulkner texts. It covers the following digital features and aspects of the Gothic:

    Map: Timelines and narrative structure visualization (0:16-3:50)
- the preoccupation with the past

    Visualizations: Heatmaps (4:00-5:09)
- the theme of spatial imprisonment

    Visualizations: Bipartite Graphing (5:20-6:22):
- the haunting of locations by characters

    Event Searching: Keyword search (6:31-8:22)
- the distribution of Gothic conventions

The 8-minute video is embedded below. Enjoy the demonstration!

    Citing this source:
Ben Robbins, "Using Digital Yoknapatawpha to Analyze 'A Rose for Emily' as a Gothic Literary Work." Digital Yoknapatawpha, University of Virginia, (Date added to project: 2020)