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CharKey Textsort ascending Name Occupation Rank
Unnamed Filipino Woman Sanctuary Unnamed Filipino Woman Peripheral view
Red Sanctuary Red Criminal Secondary view
Unnamed Coroner 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Coroner Administrative Minor view
(Little) Belle Mitchell Sanctuary Mitchell, (Little) Belle Secondary view
Unnamed Orchestra at the Grotto Club 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Orchestra at the Grotto Club(2) Professional Minor view
Unnamed Negro Woman in Window Sanctuary Unnamed Negro Woman in Window Minor view
Unnamed Deputy Sheriff 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Deputy Sheriff Administrative Minor view
Unnamed Middle-Aged Women Sanctuary Unnamed Middle-Aged Women Minor view
Son of Lee and Ruby Sanctuary Goodwin, Son of Lee and Ruby Minor view
Unnamed Firemen 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Firemen Administrative Minor view
Virgil Snopes Sanctuary Snopes, Virgil Secondary view
Drake, Brother of Temple 3 Sanctuary Drake, Brother of Temple(3) Professional Minor view
Unnamed Craps Dealer Sanctuary Unnamed Craps Dealer Criminal Minor view
Unnamed Alabama Lawyer Sanctuary Unnamed Alabama Lawyer Professional Minor view
Unnamed Hotel Proprietor 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Hotel Proprietor Sales and Service Minor view
Unnamed Lawyer 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Lawyer(1) Professional Minor view
Unnamed Boy with Packard Sanctuary Unnamed Boy with Packard Peripheral view
Unnamed Guests at Popeye's Birthday Party Sanctuary Unnamed Guests at Popeye's Birthday Party Minor view
Myrtle 3 Sanctuary Miss Myrtle Secondary view
Unnamed Negro Murderer Sanctuary Unnamed Negro Murderer Secondary view
Lee Goodwin Sanctuary Goodwin, Lee Criminal Major view
Joe 2 Sanctuary Joe Criminal Minor view
Minnie Sanctuary Minnie Domestic Service Secondary view
Unnamed Spectators in Courtroom 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Spectators in Courtroom Minor view
Unnamed Train Conductor 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Conductor Transportation Minor view
Hershell Jones Sanctuary Jones, Herschell Peripheral view
Unnamed Negro Old Woman 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Old Negro Woman Minor view
Unnamed Memphis Prostitutes 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Memphis Prostitutes Criminal Minor view
Drake, Brother of Temple 1 Sanctuary Drake, Brother of Temple(1) Professional Minor view
Snopeses Sanctuary Snopeses Farming Peripheral view
Unnamed Mourners Sanctuary Unnamed Mourners Peripheral view
Unnamed Alabama Policeman Sanctuary Unnamed Alabama Policeman Administrative Minor view
Mrs. Ed Walker Sanctuary Walker, Mrs. Minor view
Unnamed Lawyer 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Lawyer(2) Professional Minor view
Miss Lorraine Sanctuary Miss Lorraine Secondary view
Unnamed Negro Murder Victim Sanctuary Unnamed Negro Murder Victim Minor view
Narcissa Benbow Sartoris Sanctuary Sartoris, Narcissa Benbow Major view
Gene Sanctuary Gene Criminal Minor view
Reba Rivers Sanctuary Rivers, Reba Criminal Secondary view
Unnamed Judge 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Judge Administrative Minor view
Unnamed Countrywoman 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Countrywoman Minor view
Will Benbow Sanctuary Benbow, Father of Narcissa and Horace Peripheral view
Unnamed Oxford Town Boys Sanctuary Unnamed Oxford Town Boys Minor view
Unnamed Doctor 3 Sanctuary Unnamed Doctor(2) Professional Minor view
Drake, Brother of Temple 2 Sanctuary Drake, Brother of Temple(2) Professional Minor view
Hubert Drake Sanctuary Drake, Hubert Minor view
I.O. Snopes Sanctuary Snopes, Father of Clarence Sales and Service Peripheral view
Unnamed Cigar Seller 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Cigar Seller Sales and Service Minor view
Ed Walker Sanctuary Walker, Ed Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Congressman Sanctuary Unnamed Congressman Administrative Peripheral view
Uncle Bud Sanctuary Uncle Bud Minor view
Unnamed Negroes outside Jail Sanctuary Unnamed Negroes Outside Jail Minor view
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre Sanctuary Du Pre, Jenny Sartoris Secondary view
Unnamed Mourners at Red's Funeral Sanctuary Unnamed Mourners at Red's Funeral Secondary view
Mr. Binford Sanctuary Binford, Mr. Peripheral view
Unnamed Bailiff 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Bailiff Administrative Minor view
Unnamed Infant 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Infant Minor view
Julia Benbow Sanctuary Benbow, Mother of Narcissa and Horace Peripheral view
Unnamed University Men Sanctuary Unnamed University Men Minor view
Unnamed White People outside Jail Sanctuary Unnamed White People Outside Jail Minor view
Unnamed Grocery Delivery Boy Sanctuary Unnamed Grocery Delivery Boy Sales and Service Minor view
Unnamed Governor of Mississippi 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Governor of Mississippi Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Telephone Operator 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Telephone Operator(2) Sales and Service Minor view
Unnamed Half-Crazed Woman Sanctuary Unnamed Half-Crazed Woman Sales and Service Minor view
Unnamed Woman in Alley Sanctuary Unnamed Woman in Alley Peripheral view
Unnamed Law Professors Sanctuary Unnamed Law Professors Professional Minor view
Unnamed Boys and Negroes Sanctuary Unnamed Boys and Negroes Minor view
Gowan Stevens Sanctuary Stevens, Gowan Major view
Unnamed Grotto Club Bouncer Sanctuary Unnamed Grotto Club Bouncer Criminal Minor view
Unnamed Johns 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Johns Minor view
Bayard Sartoris III Sanctuary Sartoris Peripheral view
Unnamed Court Clerk 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Court Clerk Administrative Minor view
Unnamed Taxi Driver 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Taxi Driver(2) Sales and Service Minor view
Unnamed Town Boy 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Town Boy(1) Secondary view
Unnamed Rich Woman Sanctuary Unnamed Rich Woman Minor view
Unnamed People in Oxford 2 Sanctuary Unnamed People of Oxford Minor view
Unnamed Alabama District Attorney Sanctuary Unnamed Alabama District Attorney Administrative Minor view
Unnamed Negroes 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Negroes Peripheral view
Van Sanctuary Van Criminal Minor view
Unnamed Parisian Beggars Sanctuary Unnamed Parisian Beggars Peripheral view
Unnamed Garage Workers 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Garage Men Sales and Service Minor view
Pap 1 Sanctuary Pap Minor view
Unnamed Men with Gene Sanctuary Unnamed Men with Gene Criminal Minor view
Unnamed Memphis Commissioner 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Memphis Commissioner Administrative Peripheral view
Unnamed Jurors 1 Sanctuary Unnamed Jurors Minor view
Unnamed Garment Workers Sanctuary Unnamed Garment Workers Production Peripheral view
Doc Sanctuary Doc Minor view
Unnamed Neighbor in Pensacola 2 Sanctuary Unnamed Neighbor in Pensacola(2) Minor view
Unnamed School Children 2 As I Lay Dying Unnamed School Children Minor view
Eula Tull As I Lay Dying Tull, Eula Minor view
Unnamed People in Mottstown 1 As I Lay Dying Unnamed People in Mottson Minor view
Unnamed Man outside Mottson As I Lay Dying Unnamed Man outside Mottson Minor view
Unnamed Customers at Moseley's Drugstore As I Lay Dying Unnamed Customers at Moseley's Drugstore Minor view
Lon Quick II As I Lay Dying Quick, Jr., Lon Minor view
Anse Bundren As I Lay Dying Bundren, Anse Farming Major view
Mr. Gillespie As I Lay Dying Gillespie, Mr. Farming Secondary view
Unnamed Train Passengers 2 As I Lay Dying Unnamed Train Passengers Minor view
Henry Armstid As I Lay Dying Armstid Farming Secondary view
Lafe As I Lay Dying Lafe Minor view
Mack Gillespie As I Lay Dying Gillespie, Mack Farming Minor view


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