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CharKey Text Name Occupationsort descending Rank
Major Yoknapatawpha Families Requiem for a Nun Major Yoknapatawpha Names Peripheral view
Mr. Gratton Flags in the Dust Gratton, Mr. Minor view
Unnamed Boarders at Mrs. Beard's Flags in the Dust Unnamed Boarders at Beard Hotel Minor view
Unnamed Grand Jury Foreman 1 "Smoke" Unnamed Grand Jury Foreman Secondary view
Unnamed People of Yoknapatawpha 13 The Reivers Unnamed People of Yoknapatawpha Minor view
Unnamed Enslaved Body Servant 1 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Enslaved Body Servant(1) Minor view
Unnamed Maternal Uncle of Issetibbeha "Red Leaves" Unnamed Brother of Issetibbeha's Mother Minor view
Unnamed Tennessee Unionists "My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek" Unnamed Tennessee Unionists Peripheral view
Clarence Snopes The Town Snopes, Clarence Minor view
Unnamed Man at Compson House The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Man in Compson House Minor view
Unnamed Non-Mississippians The Mansion Unnamed Non-Mississippians Peripheral view
Lump Snopes' Mother The Hamlet Snopes, Mother of Lump Minor view
Unnamed Step-Father of Had-Two-Fathers "The Old People" Unnamed Step-Father of Had-Two-Fathers Minor view
Mother of Quentin MacLachan Compson "Appendix: Compson" Compson, Mother of Quentin MacLachan Minor view
Unnamed Negro Woman 2 "Mule in the Yard" Unnamed Negro Woman Minor view
Miss Harriss The Mansion Harriss, Daughter of Melisandre Minor view
Boon Hogganbeck Intruder in the Dust Hogganbeck, Boon Minor view
Unnamed Father-in-Law of Buddy McCallum "The Tall Men" Unnamed Father-in-Law of Buddy McCallum Peripheral view
Unnamed Slaves of Grenier|Old Frenchman "A Name for the City" Unnamed Slaves of Grenier Peripheral view
Edmonds Go Down, Moses Edmonds, Father of Cass Peripheral view
Burringtons in New Hampshire Light in August Burringtons in New Hampshire Peripheral view
Aleck Sander Intruder in the Dust Aleck Sander Major view
Unnamed Negro Boy 4 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Negro Boy(1) Minor view
Starneses in Alabama "Hair" Starnesses in Alabama Peripheral view
Maggie Stevens Mallison The Town Mallison, Maggie Secondary view
Unnamed Golfer The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Golfer Minor view
Clytemnestra Absalom, Absalom! Clytemnestra Secondary view
Unnamed Slaves of Indians 4 "A Justice" Unnamed Slaves of Indians(1) Minor view
Unnamed Negro 4 The Unvanquished Unnamed Negro Minor view
Unnamed Mother in Beyond "Beyond" Unnamed Mother in Beyond Secondary view
Jack Bonds "A Bear Hunt" Bonds, Jack Minor view
Vynie Snopes The Hamlet Snopes, Vynie Minor view
Unnamed "Feller" 2 The Mansion Unnamed "Feller"(1) Minor view
Unnamed Bank Director Flags in the Dust Unnamed Bank Director Minor view
Joe Christmas Light in August Christmas, Joe Major view
Unnamed Local Negroes "The Bear" Unnamed Local Negroes Peripheral view
Uncle Dick Bolivar The Hamlet Bolivar, Uncle Dick Minor view
Mrs. Jason Compson II The Town Compson, Old Mrs. Minor view
Unnamed Hunters 3 Go Down, Moses Unnamed Hunters Minor view
Ephriam Intruder in the Dust Ephriam Minor view
Unnamed Women of Jackson Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Women of Jackson Minor view
Unnamed Grandson of Will Varner The Mansion Unnamed Grandson of Will Varner Minor view
Great Aunt of Charles Mallison "Knight's Gambit" Unnamed Great-Aunt of Charles Mallison Peripheral view
Unnamed Enslaved Servant "Red Leaves" Unnamed Enslaved Servant Major view
Unnamed "Good Women in Jefferson" "Uncle Willy" Unnamed "Good Women in Jefferson" Secondary view
Unnamed Self-Mutilator The Sound and the Fury Unnamed Self-Mutilator Peripheral view
Unnamed Men at Livery Stable Flags in the Dust Unnamed Men at Livery Stable Minor view
Mrs. Hamp Worsham Go Down, Moses Worsham, Mrs. Hamp Minor view
Unnamed Baptist and Methodist Settlers The Town Unnamed Baptist and Methodist Settlers Minor view
Unnamed Enslaved Infant "A Justice" Unnamed Enslaved Infant Minor view
Hershell Jones Sanctuary Jones, Herschell Peripheral view
Mrs. Nunnery The Town Nunnery, Mrs. Minor view
Ringo "Skirmish at Sartoris" Ringo Secondary view
Pose "Hand Upon the Waters" Pose Minor view
Unnamed White Man Who Shoots a Negro The Hamlet Unnamed White Man Who Shoots a Negro Minor view
(Miss) Quentin The Sound and the Fury Quentin, (Miss) Major view
Unnamed Boys The Mansion Unnamed Boys Minor view
Unnamed Man in Car Intruder in the Dust Unnamed Man in Car Minor view
Houston's Mother The Hamlet Houston, Mrs. Minor view
Unnamed School Children 5 "Monk" Unnamed School Children Minor view
Unnamed Enslaved Cook Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Enslaved Cook Minor view
Unnamed Slaves of Indians 3 "Red Leaves" Unnamed Young Negro Slaves Peripheral view
Vernon 1 The Sound and the Fury Vernon Minor view
Unnamed Passersby 3 Absalom, Absalom! Unnamed Passersby Minor view
Lycurgus Briggins The Reivers Briggins, Lycurgus Minor view
Snopeses The Reivers Snopeses Peripheral view
Unnamed European Princesses Intruder in the Dust Unnamed European Princesses Peripheral view
Unnamed New Families in Jefferson The Town Unnamed New Families in Jefferson Minor view
Unnamed Negro Murderer Sanctuary Unnamed Negro Murderer Secondary view
Joby 1 "Raid" Joby Minor view
Unnamed County Officers The Hamlet Unnamed County Officers Minor view
Maury Bascomb "Appendix: Compson" Bascomb, Maury Minor view
Walter Ewell Go Down, Moses Ewell, Walter Minor view
Unnamed Quadroon The Hamlet Unnamed Quadroon Minor view
Unnamed Indians in Oklahoma "Appendix: Compson" Unnamed Indians in Oklahoma Minor view
Belle Mitchell Benbow Flags in the Dust Mitchell, Belle Major view
Uncle Hogeye Mosby Intruder in the Dust Mosby, Uncle Hogeye Minor view
Unnamed Enslaved People 1 Go Down, Moses Unnamed Enslaved People Minor view
Unnamed Jefferson Townsmen 1 "Dry September" Unnamed Town Men Minor view
Issetibbeha "Lion" Unnamed Chickasaw Chief Peripheral view
Lem Bush Light in August Bush, Lem Minor view
Jason Compson III "That Evening Sun" Compson, Jason (Senior) Major view
Ailanthia "Elly" Ailanthia Secondary view
Unnamed Young Chickasaw Men "A Courtship" Unnamed Young Chickasaw Men Minor view
Roz Thompson Light in August Thompson, Roz Minor view
Unnamed White Men of Yoknapatawpha The Unvanquished Unnamed White Men of Yoknapatawpha Minor view
Grandpa "That Will Be Fine" Grandpa Minor view
Unnamed German Husband "Ad Astra" Unnamed German Husband Minor view
Deacon The Sound and the Fury Deacon Secondary view
Unnamed Neighbor in the Bend 1 "Miss Zilphia Gant" Unnamed Neighbor in the Bend(1) Minor view
Unnamed Hill Man 1 Flags in the Dust Unnamed Hillman from Frenchman's Bend Minor view
Cornelia Mardis Holland "Smoke" Holland, Cornelia Mardis Secondary view
Spoade I The Mansion Spoade I Peripheral view
Unnamed Town Wit 3 "Knight's Gambit" Unnamed Man in Barber-shop Minor view
Issetibbeha "Red Leaves" Issetibbeha Secondary view
Unnamed Folks at Renfro "Uncle Willy" Unnamed Folks at Renfro Minor view
Unnamed Hotel Residents Requiem for a Nun Unnamed Hotel Residents Minor view
Littlejohn As I Lay Dying Littlejohn Minor view
Sutpen Infant 1 Absalom, Absalom! Sutpen Infant(1) Minor view
Grove, Children of McKinley Light in August Grove, Children of McKinley Minor view


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