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Memphis Junction
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Five miles from the McEachern farm is the town where Simon goes periodically to conduct business. He has a lawyer there, whose office is near the courthouse with the typical "municipal clock" in its tower (173). It is presumably the location of the Presbyterian church the McEacherns attend, which is also "five miles away" (147). (One Sunday when he misses the morning service there McEachern attends an evening service at a church "which was not Presbyterian" and which is three miles from his farm. 154) And we have also chosen to include in this location the "oneroom" schoolhouse where McEachern confronts Joe and Bobby at a dance (203). But the town is rougher than Jefferson. Bobbie, Joe's first sweetheart whom he finds working in a dingy restaurant there, is only a waitress by day; she is also one of several Memphis prostitutes whom Max, the owner of the restaurant, has brought to the town to service its transient population. Max's house is located on the edge of town, one of the "small, random, new, terrible little houses in which people who came yesterday from nowhere and tomorrow will be gone wherenot, dwell" (211). We posit that this town, which is described as "a railroad division point" with "many men about the streets" (173), is the "Memphis Junction" noted on Faulkner's 1936 map of Yoknapatawpha.

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