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Horace's New Town
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At the end of the novel both Bayard Sartoris and Horace Benbow are in exile from Yoknapatawpha. Bayard dies in a plane crash in Ohio. Horace is living with Belle in an unnamed town that Faulkner's narrative describes as the antithesis of the old, tree-shaded neighborhood in Jefferson that Horace has left behind. It's a new town, built around a lumber factory "financed by eastern capital" and run by "as plausible and affable a set of brigands as ever stole a county" (373). The town consists of "mile after mile of identical frame houses with garage to match," and there is plenty of money there, "like that afflatus of rank fecundity above a foul and stagnant pool . . ." (373). It is far enough from Yoknapatawpha for Horace to feel his exile acutely, but the novel doesn't say in which direction you'd travel to get to it. However, in the novel Sanctuary, written just a few years after Flags in the Dust, the narrative specifically locates the town to which Horace moved (now called "Kinston") on or near the Delta, the region of the state closest to the Mississippi River.

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